Ain't No Sunshine

5. des.. 2017
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I always thought it was "Ain't no sunshine" but hey
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  • that gives a whole new meaning to "Hey I oughta leave young thing alone"

    a very chronic tonica very chronic tonic2 timer siden
  • This makes the song way better

    Buttwhittle WatsonButtwhittle Watson14 timer siden
  • I watch this at least once a week

    david ludwigdavid ludwigDag siden
  • Do a full version of you singing


    Rahul ARahul A4 dager siden
  • 🤣

    gallopingLake6gallopingLake64 dager siden

    NoseliciousNoselicious5 dager siden
  • 🎤 *(I Know)..* 🎺🎺🎹🎷🎷🎸 🎶 *A-NAL* 🎶 🎶 *A-NAL* 🎶 *A-NAL* 🎶 *A-NAL* 🎶 *A-NAL*

    Rocket & GrootRocket & Groot6 dager siden
  • *There's always Sunshine in the Butt when she leaves*

    Rocket & GrootRocket & Groot6 dager siden
    • .

      Pig_master 101Pig_master 1012 dager siden
  • Anal sunshine when she gone that doesn’t even make sense but hey

    Callum LeaningCallum Leaning6 dager siden
    • Uhh

      Pig_master 101Pig_master 1012 dager siden
  • I will never listen to this song the same way again.

    GrizzlyTankGrizzlyTank7 dager siden
  • What lyrics did you think they were?!

    Zediah TimmonsZediah Timmons8 dager siden
  • wow wow ow wow wow

    Vizdrom 97Vizdrom 978 dager siden
  • Oh nooo🤣🤣🤣 I've performed this song many times. If I ever did again this is all imma be thinking of.

    Chibuzo Slim IkontaChibuzo Slim Ikonta8 dager siden
  • This is my type of humor. Love it

    MarekBMarekB8 dager siden
  • Hahahah

    alexanderdeadmanschealexanderdeadmansche11 dager siden
  • I don't get it

    GAGA50GAGA5011 dager siden
    • Why? It's straightforward

      RanuyashaRanuyasha8 dager siden
  • So wait, these aren't the lyrics?

    Vishal KamalakshaVishal Kamalaksha19 dager siden
  • Why was this reccomended to me in "latest videos"

    Basil ZoubiBasil Zoubi19 dager siden
  • Ok that was amazing.

    Jenn HoffJenn Hoff21 dag siden
  • I'd like a whole cover of Ryan singing this song please, so smooth.

    Jo JoJo Jo22 dager siden
  • just my hand when shes away

    Øyvind NilsenØyvind NilsenMåned siden
  • Oooo

    Sean ¿Sean ¿Måned siden
  • You know what's a good karaoke duet? Anal Mountain High Enough.

    llamacanoellamacanoe2 måneder siden
  • I felt bad for Sunshine whoever she is. . . .

    Danny MondragonDanny Mondragon2 måneder siden
  • Shawn James huh?

    Nikola IlievNikola Iliev2 måneder siden
  • Ohh wow

    Kovács ZsoltKovács Zsolt3 måneder siden
  • O god

    Ionic457Ionic4573 måneder siden
  • had a real moment like this a few days ago when i learned the real lyrics to "shake, rattle, and roll"

    MonkeykingMonkeyking3 måneder siden
  • I liked that Elvis poster in the back👌

    Arthur Yasbek Muss SchmitzArthur Yasbek Muss Schmitz3 måneder siden
  • Hahahaha, I love your humor, man

    Fifty LibrosFifty Libros3 måneder siden
  • Collab with Unknown P

    Michael O'haireMichael O'haire4 måneder siden
  • I knew it would be dangerous to binge watch . . . OMG! TEARS! Had to watch this one again and the comments . . . Buah-ha-ha-ha . . . This is the channel we all deserve! 💗💗💗

    Little Florida FarmsteadLittle Florida Farmstead4 måneder siden
  • That sh*t is bananas- b-a-d--a-n-u-s.

    Fencepost TurtleFencepost Turtle4 måneder siden
  • This can't be part of the Ryan George universe, those two women at the end don't even have beards!

    Dissociated Women IncorporatedDissociated Women Incorporated4 måneder siden
    • to be fair we can only see their foreheads. . .

      Danny MondragonDanny Mondragon2 måneder siden
  • Ruining this song for me is super easy barely a inconvenience!

    Mili MandalMili Mandal4 måneder siden
  • Wait is that what the lyrics are? I always thought it was something else

    AcenioAcenio4 måneder siden
  • It’s the little things in my life 😂🙌🏼

    IAmAZygoteIAmAZygote5 måneder siden
  • Fast forward to epic karaoke lyric hax

    ShaneXShaneX5 måneder siden
  • Don't go blowin' sunshine up my butt, son.

    Douglas ButcherDouglas Butcher5 måneder siden
  • Ironically, these lyrics are perfect if your girlfriend was a pain in the ass. "Anal sunshine when she's gone" Still a perfect break up song!

    Valère HirwaValère Hirwa5 måneder siden
  • Hahahahahah

    Falnesio GhanderFalnesio Ghander5 måneder siden
  • I will hear it like this always now

    anewman513anewman5135 måneder siden
  • anal sunshine is tight!

    Frederic HomerinFrederic Homerin5 måneder siden
  • I mean there ain't no sunshine in anal

    19. Jesse Roel19. Jesse Roel5 måneder siden
  • Someone should make this a proper video with lots of songs; it would be hilarious! It could be titled: "When you mishear the lyrics that are actually correct"

    Captain Lennart WolffeCaptain Lennart Wolffe5 måneder siden
  • Shortest video ever

    MONKEY AIDEN!MONKEY AIDEN!5 måneder siden
  • 10 second comedy... So good!

    ManDevilManDevil5 måneder siden
  • Respect for not making the video title "Anal Sunshine," which would get more clicks but partially ruin the joke.

    DTwoDTwo5 måneder siden
  • Anal sunshine's are tight!

    Mad Mental HibbyMad Mental Hibby5 måneder siden
  • Well that throws a wrench into the phrase "Where the sun don't shine"

    DragonSheepDragonSheep5 måneder siden
  • I DEMAND more

    Marissa BonesMarissa Bones6 måneder siden
  • I will never hear this song the same again.

    Sven R.C.LSven R.C.L6 måneder siden
  • Only darkness every day

    heyandy xheyandy x6 måneder siden
  • Goddammit

    WinterfangWinterfang6 måneder siden
  • Anal Sunshine is tight

    mjstory1976mjstory19766 måneder siden
  • ¡Ten un excelente fin de semana!

    SoapSoap6 måneder siden
  • So rude sir!

    Doctor DeufallDoctor Deufall7 måneder siden
  • This is the only video where Ryan wasn’t talking to himself?

    Wicked Shades ProductionsWicked Shades Productions7 måneder siden
    • Well... could be the DJ in the booth controlling the Karaoke machine.

      Riku MasamuneRiku Masamune5 måneder siden
  • I'm dying!!

    thefennekthefennek7 måneder siden
  • Ah yes anal sunshine my favorite

    Jay AryaJay Arya8 måneder siden
  • Where the sun don’t shine.

    justusbrazjustusbraz8 måneder siden
  • Some snowflake SJW is probably going to write "How dare you make fun of a guy's work 3 years prior to his death?!".

    Hello2Jello4MellowHello2Jello4Mellow8 måneder siden
    • That's like literally doesn't have any fucking sense...

      Extreme MadnessExtreme Madness7 måneder siden
  • Dude! HOW? HOW can anyone be funnier in 9 seconds than the majority of all comedy today?!

    ZencomeseasyZencomeseasy9 måneder siden
  • 😂😂

    Greg David LGreg David L9 måneder siden
  • RIP Bill Withers 🌻

    HeyTashHeyTash9 måneder siden
  • And now bill withers is dead. I'm holding you accountable

    Yonatan PetliarYonatan Petliar9 måneder siden
    • Gilberto Becerra what

      Yonatan PetliarYonatan Petliar6 måneder siden
    • I am so sad, you make happy with me

      Gilberto BecerraGilberto Becerra6 måneder siden
  • You killed bill withers

    Metal MarauderMetal Marauder9 måneder siden
  • He freaking died

    YouTube channelYouTube channel9 måneder siden
  • When will YT get a repeat on loop button ???

    Sandile MlamboSandile Mlambo10 måneder siden
  • This just made my day

    Sandile MlamboSandile Mlambo10 måneder siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sandile MlamboSandile Mlambo10 måneder siden
  • That's how I always sang...

    Guilherme GuilhermeGuilherme Guilherme10 måneder siden
  • Well, actually this is the best comedy video on the entire internet.

    Leonardo HermesLeonardo Hermes10 måneder siden
    • Actually, it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience.

      Zap the DemonZap the Demon5 måneder siden
    • hmm try Jordan Petersen vs Peter Jordansen

      Jonathan AllardJonathan Allard5 måneder siden
  • Y'alls heard ain't no sunshine by kid frost

    Mr. ShifterMr. Shifter11 måneder siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Benjamin KadduBenjamin KadduÅr siden
  • I thought that's where the sun *DIDN'T* shine

    BlueFire Gaming And CardsBlueFire Gaming And CardsÅr siden
  • Ok ok you got me on this one almost choked on my drink

    Mexican RadioMexican RadioÅr siden
  • Anal sunshines are TIGHT

    Kiril BulgarievKiril BulgarievÅr siden
  • That was like,lowkey good tho????

    Rei DxRei DxÅr siden
  • I wanna see him sing with that great voice lol

    Priscilla JimenezPriscilla JimenezÅr siden
  • Ok but he actually had a good voice when he sang.

    Asher TathrenAsher TathrenÅr siden
  • If you close your eyes, you will see the true nature of the world. Darkness.

    Ole RasmussenOle RasmussenÅr siden
  • I like that song

    Elijah FordElijah FordÅr siden
  • Elvis Presley!

    DrixyJude 987DrixyJude 987År siden
  • Everytime I hear Chasing Cars I hear “would you lie with me and just fuck at the world”

    Life and GamingLife and GamingÅr siden
  • The more you know

    death seeker Mk5death seeker Mk5År siden
  • yeah yeah yeah

    Stephen DempseyStephen DempseyÅr siden
  • I always come back to this video and it still cracks me up

    Daniel PinedaDaniel PinedaÅr siden
  • This video ruined the scene when The Boys used this song. It was meant to be all serious and I couldnt stop cracking up. Thanks Ryan

    • couldn't*

      haseena badshahhaseena badshah11 dager siden
    • Come on, The Boys wouldn't be this amazing if they took themselves very seriously.

      Mihayan1Mihayan15 måneder siden
  • 😂🤣ur a fool for this one

    David DokuboDavid DokuboÅr siden
  • Funny bro

    Zachery StefonekZachery StefonekÅr siden
  • Wait is this the original channel??

    Jesus RodriguezJesus RodriguezÅr siden
    • Ye

      blehblehÅr siden
  • THAT can't be tight!

    Swamp ThingSwamp ThingÅr siden
  • oh.. now i get it,..that's the reason behind (no pun intended) the "and I go, I go, I go and I go, I go, I go...." btw... and no.. as the song illustrates.. anals are no longer tight.

    NclghtNclghtÅr siden
  • Oral darkness everyday

    da salami lidda salami lidÅr siden
    • Sloppy job clearance-day

      Shadow MasterShadow Master2 måneder siden
    • We have the same birthday but exatly 100yrs apart

      BruhhifyBruhhify4 måneder siden
    • Thank you Stalin, very cool.

      MaxiHaxMaxiHax4 måneder siden
    • hahahaha.... 👏🏽

      Alexander FAlexander F5 måneder siden
  • I only continued to laugh harder after the video ended

    Mitus GladiusMitus GladiusÅr siden
  • Why doesn't this have at least 100k views

    PoopsMagoopsPoopsMagoopsÅr siden
  • Was that actually you singing at the end? I mean, obviously muddied for the nightclub effect, but still... Sounded pretty decent. Tight, even.

    Bronson CarderBronson CarderÅr siden
    • Ohh sounding tight is tight

      Moosa SedidiMoosa Sedidi23 timer siden
    • yeah yeah yeah

      Master WayneMaster Wayne4 dager siden
    • Because @Razorback73 didn't include the link for you:

      Mouse ScarbrowMouse Scarbrow2 måneder siden
    • wow wow wow. . . WOW. . .

      Danny MondragonDanny Mondragon2 måneder siden
    • @Thomas Reese Super Easy

      The Charismatic Gamer 99The Charismatic Gamer 993 måneder siden
  • bhahahahhaha crackup comment

    Da SlothDa SlothÅr siden