6 Things We Learnt from ATLETICO MADRID 0-1 CHELSEA

23. feb.. 2021
104 850 Ganger

6 Things We Learnt from ATLETICO MADRID 0-1 CHELSEA. Olivier Giroud scores an incredible overhead kick as it finishes Atletico Madrid 0-1 Chelsea in the Uefa Champions League Last 16 first leg. Atletico Madrid 0-1 Chelsea highlights show Olivier Giroud's Overhead kick as the match winning goal. Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea are now unbeaten in eight games and with Olivier Giroud's overhead kick winner in Atletico 0-1 Chelsea, Chelsea lead the Uefa Champions League last 16 tie at 'Half-time' in the Champions League tie! Let me know the 6 Things You learnt from Atletico Madrid 0-1 Chelsea in the comments below!
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  • People who dislike are haters

    Hamdi AbdiHamdi AbdiMåned siden

    Apøcalypse YTApøcalypse YTMåned siden
  • Giroud plays to the capacity while he is allowed 90 minutes or 20 minutes . He fights till the last second to get desired result which makes him The Footballer .

    Kesar SinghKesar SinghMåned siden
  • Giroud's presence in front of the goal is always a great concern for defenders because he is skillfull with feet and head even if he doesn't score . He focuses the attention of the defenders and allow his teammates to have opportunities. This is why he became world champion without scoring a single goal !

    Antoine MozartAntoine MozartMåned siden
  • Var is so bad!!! Only when it's for your team it becomes good. People wan't to cheat, yeah i see you.

    Chelsea FCChelsea FCMåned siden
  • Why arent Kante and Billy our midfield pairing?

    Graham PetroGraham PetroMåned siden
  • Kepa: makes a small mistake that doesn't change anything. Yellow or red box Mendy: makes a 2 or 3 mistakes atletico nearly score and was poor during the game. Nothing

    Ross CockerillRoss CockerillMåned siden
  • Giroud is absolutely a beautiful man, with a beautiful heart and beautiful spirit. I’m happy he’s with us at Chelsea.

    Jang A LangJang A LangMåned siden
    • He is gay !

      Antoine MozartAntoine MozartMåned siden
  • I think you may have an unfair biased opinion on jorginho. He’s been excellent and hardly praised in previous games. Kante always loses the ball and no one says anything not even the commentators.

    Luca CataldoLuca CataldoMåned siden
  • Watch havertz at the home league. Trust me he’s gonna at least score

    RRMåned siden
  • if we'd have that precision passer from the middle, like we used to in Fabregas, we'd be scoring HEAPS more, HEAPS! Jorgi just doesn't have those laser guided passes. Don't know, may be we should put some trust in Billy? I know, Tuchel probably, won't, because there's a run of games incoming, where he will go pragmatic, for the sake of the positive result. But we NEED CM with a good vision, Kova and Kante are not that type of midfielders and as I've mentioned, Jorgi is lacking.

    jeFF FuryjeFF FuryMåned siden
  • Can't argue, even as a straight bloke, Oli Giroud is a helluva handsome man!

    jeFF FuryjeFF FuryMåned siden
  • Suarez is gonna equalise in 2mins in the 2nd leg

    AJAY AJAJAY AJMåned siden
  • Man we need to send giroud with a champions league trophy the thing he needs

    Carefree TharneCarefree TharneMåned siden
  • What a guy

  • He might hit better goals

    Mufaro FurusaMufaro FurusaMåned siden
  • That's how a defence should play no mistakes well done Christiansen good game COYB

    Dean WillisDean WillisMåned siden
  • I never understood why Arsenal sold Giroud he was always brilliant for them as well. Wonderful gifted footballer with a really great personality rarely looses his cool. Tuchel is still questionable by his own admission, he should have put Oli at the start against Southampton as Tammy had not recovered from the injury which was clear and he should have known. Also he should have replaced Tammy with Oli in the second half, so effectively two manager mistakes and he is supposed to be experienced. The test will come on Sunday and I desperately need us to beat Manu as I can't stand their pompous play in the Manu way. You play to win.

    Dennis StainesDennis StainesMåned siden
  • A whole video about giroud 🤭😂

    d-AU-dd-AU-dMåned siden
  • Dave again was defensively good but man he needs to sort out his passing it’s so bad it was terrible and he didn’t take any risks like crossing in the box not a yellow or red just didn’t deserve a box

    Zenon ClanZenon ClanMåned siden
  • the most important player in our club is Giroud. Benson you brought the lights back and we won

    David KingDavid KingMåned siden
  • Love u mate

    Laurier BeaucheminLaurier BeaucheminMåned siden
  • just saying, i would’ve been perfectly content if this was a 10 minute video just talking about olivier giroud.

    Austin CanasAustin CanasMåned siden
  • I wish giroud was young he would have one of the best ever he can score any goal you wish someone could... Damnnn

    Timo WernerTimo WernerMåned siden
  • Lets win this UCL for giroud.Ain't gonna be easy but lets do it for giroud come onnnnnn...

    Timo WernerTimo WernerMåned siden
  • The whole team deserves blue or green box, joginho's passes and relentless efforts pestered the opponents, so it contributed to the victory. Although I felt as if Alonso wasn't serious.

    Ejembi MosesEjembi MosesMåned siden
  • lets all give tomash the manager credit he has made chelsea great

    Andrew AndreasAndrew AndreasMåned siden
  • Lets be real Lampard wouldnt win against atleti also if tuchel wins atleast 2 of the next 4 games we will become a legend

    Mr_Rendulic 123Mr_Rendulic 123Måned siden
  • You don't even want to give goroud a green box

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher WilliamsMåned siden
  • George Benson you don't like giroud so do not jump on the giroud wagon. BTW you know nothing about football

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher WilliamsMåned siden
  • AC deserved a green box I think, he really played well yesterday

    Frederik MøllerFrederik MøllerMåned siden
  • I love coming away with the win in Romania but I'm not as jazzed with the overall performance as most fans seem to be (besides the defense, we were stellar at the back for the most part). Good video George on pointing some of our frailties out. I actually made this comment in the beginning, then watched the rest. As beautiful as Giroud's goal was, the buildup was scrappy and, on balance, it was a lucky goal. We still haven't demonstrated the ability to break down a compact defense, which is what most of our opponents play against us because they know we struggle with it. No shots from outside the box (besides Christensen's laugh of an effort). Giroud was frustrated for 90 percent of his minutes at the lack of service he was getting. There were a couple moments of brilliance, but again, no finishing product. Poor final passes, poor touches inside the box, always passing back and sideways etc... At one point in the second half CHO was streaking up the right hand side on the break completely unguarded and Kova dumps it back with a 10 foot pass that does nothing. Didn't even pick his head up and nobody shouted that CHO was open. Then at the end, Ziyech, Pulisic and Dave are counter attacking and Ziyech dumps it out wide to Dave to no effect instead of passing to Pulisic, who was in a much better position. Games, and seasons, turn on decisions like these and we need to be better. Yes, I know it was Atelti, with a superb GK and arguably the best defense in Europe. But they were so unsettled Tuesday, missing key players, and we really should have capitalized with at least two away goals going into Stamford Bridge - a game in which we will not have Mason or Jorginho. Glad for the win for sure, but there are still big cracks in the team on the attacking side. For all the praise Tuchel is getting, and I'm on the Tuchel train, we've scored 10 goals in 8 games. That's a little over a goal a game. Hardly a comfortable margin or something to be praised. Having a solid defense is fantastic, but we need an offense to back it up and seal results.

    DFDFMåned siden
  • Giroud is now officially a world class player that presses never give good opinion. Thanks Arsenal for giving us a gem

    kamarul zamankamarul zamanMåned siden
  • Amazing result

  • I feel cho deserved a mention. Felt like he played really well after the subbing incident. Played like he had a point to prove. If they weren’t sooo defensive I think he would’ve been able to create a lot more.

    Calum BartonCalum BartonMåned siden
  • giroud wasn't offside bc it got deflected m8

    Freddie HuntFreddie HuntMåned siden
  • When you watch the game last night you wonder if a swap between Jorginho and erikson actually makes sense. Erikson is a much more forward thinking player. We need a fabregas to spray passes forward confidently I feel.

    Calum BartonCalum BartonMåned siden

    mr Portsmouthmr PortsmouthMåned siden
  • I think Christensen deserves credit too, boss performance at the back

    Alfie SnowAlfie SnowMåned siden
  • Jorginho is why we don’t create any chances. Need to sell him ASAP.

    P. StrongP. StrongMåned siden
  • People miss what he does so well and that is hold up play. He is so strong and with a great first touch and the ability to play one touch football. People expect goals but he usually starts everything positive from us. Amazing player and what a goal that was!

    P. StrongP. StrongMåned siden
  • Yeah, the sign's back

    ChimdiieChimdiieMåned siden
  • He's good, but dont get so emotional, he doesn't do what he did week in week out.

    NeverBackDownNeverBackDownMåned siden
  • Azpilicueta was awful going forward in that first half, always going backwards and sluggish on the ball. He did improve big in second half.

  • In the short amount of time we saw them, ziyech and havertz looked really good. I am excited for this second leg already!

    Vinay MalhotraVinay MalhotraMåned siden
  • Lack of creativity in the final 3rd. Yet no Pulisic. Tuchel is Xenophobic

    J AJ AMåned siden
  • Giroud foockin GOAT you beauty. He is a Chelsea Legend from now on

    Ignacio PalominoIgnacio PalominoMåned siden
  • When you've got a bank of 6 sitting low it ain't easy to be decisive!

    Otty 1910Otty 1910Måned siden
  • Christensen was colossal in this game.

    Otty 1910Otty 1910Måned siden
  • Only half time but looks promising

    Sam LadjemiSam LadjemiMåned siden
  • I had a couple of my son's mates around for the game! The whole house went crazy! Then quiet while waiting for VAR decision! Then total madness again! Crazy joy!

    Otty 1910Otty 1910Måned siden
  • Your comment about giroud not imposing himself on first half shows how idiotic you are. Did everything. Came short, held it up, but only once did we even try and cross it to him. The balls into him were crap. Up against 3 centre backs he did good. Better service and he'd have done better.

    Phillip CPhillip CMåned siden
  • The final pass was just horrendous. I feel like there is not enough chemistry within the team and not enough of creativity. Especially Jorginho was poor as George mentioned in the video. Mateo definitely needs to be more brave in the final third and take a shot. Mount was brilliant as always. Alonso absolutely useless. Come on Blues!

    Sebastian KelarSebastian KelarMåned siden
    • no kova best we played

      Michael HenryMichael HenryMåned siden
    • @Sebastian Kelar kova should join brighton look good but can t score

      Michael HenryMichael HenryMåned siden
    • look how many games even john stones has scored more than kova this season 0 no goals poor poor if he is supposed to be that good at he aint a cdm . the guy is overated how you going to win anything if kova can t score .better gilmour no way 100 games and 3 goals considering the amount of ball we have

      Michael HenryMichael HenryMåned siden
    • @Sebastian Kelar nothing great about kova110 games 3 goals 15 assist . can t shoot can t head and not good defensiveley . just a dribbler with no major impact. a jack of all and master of nothing 54 mil not worth it.

      Michael HenryMichael HenryMåned siden
    • @Michael Henry I think Kovačič is great, and is definitely good enough for Chelsea. He just needs to work on his finishing a bit.

      Sebastian KelarSebastian KelarMåned siden
  • Our attackers need to be more responsible in terms of taking good, risky shots on goal

    Paul GernahPaul GernahMåned siden
  • Azpi has been incredible as of late! Kept felix quiet all game, my captain 💙💙

    Tommy SquiresTommy SquiresMåned siden
  • How is this 6 things we learnt not learnt anything

    Jack LittleJack LittleMåned siden
  • I think its unfair to criticize Chelsea for not being decisive in this match. Lets not forget this is a very difficult Atletico team who are known for bein defensive monsters, who even Liverpool in their prime last season couldn’t break down. Plus we won.

    Faisaln AljaberFaisaln AljaberMåned siden
  • Cfc 4 life 💙Ⓜ️🛄🏧💤🧢

    Fc JxcobFc JxcobMåned siden
  • I'd definitely listen to talk about our legend Olivier Giroud all day George for sure. He's after delivering for us so many times. Blue heart forever💙💙💙💙⚽⚽⚽⚽

    Terry MaherTerry MaherMåned siden
  • An excellent performance from our boys last night. It’s still one step at a time however. Our final third problems haven’t gone, and tbf we’ve had them going back to Conte and even before, when only Hazard and Costa papered over the cracks, but we have the right manager with the tools tactically to change that but it will take time and probably a dip in the transfer market to freshen the squad. Still need another number ten to help Mount unlock the door against strong deep lying defences, which could still be Havertz who could provide the answer, and a prolific striker to finish them off. Also need to replace Jorginho with Kante or Gilmour to offer more energy and someone to progress the ball quicker from deep. Jorginho is still too hesitant, slow and pulls out of tackles. He was poor again last night. Plus another top quality defender to play next to Silva or cover him and we could be getting nearer by next season to challenge. Carefree!!

    Marcus LeeMarcus LeeMåned siden
  • We could hear anyone go on and on about Oli....truly world class... The most underappreciated player I can think of

    Ayonij TiwariAyonij TiwariMåned siden
  • we need some love for christensens performances under tuchel, he has played in every game apart from wolves and southampton which is the only ones we haven’t won. he’s been great 👍

    Elias la Cour CayenneElias la Cour CayenneMåned siden
  • Honestly I don’t even think we created a lot of real goal scoring opportunities, we need more, and maybe rotation and freshness is needed in the starting team now, ziyech was brilliant, as was havertz and Pulisic

    Carefree CFCCarefree CFCMåned siden
  • Nothing Famouse about then win but fair play Chelsea

    G507LcfcG777G507LcfcG777Måned siden
  • Giroud is king

    The 3 Points PodcastThe 3 Points PodcastMåned siden
  • Today we're all fans of VAR 🤪 Great win, come on you blues!! 🎉😎

    Nigel BradfordNigel BradfordMåned siden
  • Fantastic result for Chelsea so happy brilliant performance great content as always ,😂

    Andrew WhiteAndrew WhiteMåned siden
  • If only chelsea had someone who could score goals they would be title candidates. Timo is pulling them down I am sorry to say, I know he is trying, but it just isn't enough.

    Simon RothSimon RothMåned siden
  • On top of the woooooooooooooooooooooooorld 🫐

    Raphael D'CRaphael D'CMåned siden
  • Close your channel because your analysis is not fair....hate against Alonso but only tactical coaches play Alonso and not Lampard isn't a better coach than Big Sam

  • All hail giroud god of london

    RaavaTVRaavaTVMåned siden
  • Improve on your analysis George....you can never hate Alonso because he is the first Chelsea left back to score over 20 goals and support this team who have no visionary pass

  • I think Kovasic also should have gotten some credit, he is a key player in the midfield alongside Jorginho. Kovasic is better at forcing the ball up the field and building the play. He is rock solid in the defensive aspect as well.

    Vitalijus GrazinskasVitalijus GrazinskasMåned siden
  • THANK YOU ARSENAL!!!! 😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉

  • Jorgi made up for his bad passing with class defending

    Sammy BarnesSammy BarnesMåned siden
  • you should start doing tiktok you would do very well and get a lot more Chelsea fan to your page.

    Luca robinsonLuca robinsonMåned siden
  • I don't want to be "that guy", but when you win an away game without conceding, then the away goal rule doesn't help you in the home leg

    Ricardo UdenzeRicardo UdenzeMåned siden
  • Academy player mount miles ahead of 100mil joao Felix

    Vishal NaidooVishal NaidooMåned siden
  • Olivier Giroud only scores spectacular goals. No tap ins

    Jèan PaulJèan PaulMåned siden
  • Fucking beautiful GIROUDDD😍

    ScrubsScrubsMåned siden
  • I still rate Billy Gilmour ahead of Jorginho. Billy is our 'incisive' passer that can change a game

    Paul PPaul PMåned siden
  • What was that felix hype about

    TanayTanayMåned siden
  • What is your take on the Sh¤t Housery from Diego going on to the pitch to disrupt play? What an idiot!

    Thomas MThomas MMåned siden
  • disagree with the jorinho point, rewatch it, and the players were relying on jorginho to play forward passes and he attempted some hard ones, completed some but not other, can't drag him for that coz if he didnt play we wouldn't have won. If this first leg ended 0-0 and jorginho was suspended for second leg, we would have really really struggled for creativity but now that we've got an away goal, the second leg suits kante. Kovacic has been poor last two games but world class against newcastle

    Zubayr ZakariyaZubayr ZakariyaMåned siden
  • Think mason had a great game again as usual

    CrackersCrackersMåned siden

    Sam EricSam EricMåned siden
  • I'd swap the 33 year old cesc fabregas for jorginho today!!!

    jeran joeljeran joelMåned siden
  • Six times Olivier Giroud - our Mr. Champions League!

    Мартин ПетровМартин ПетровMåned siden
  • I very much feel "glass half empty". Yes we got an away goal, but it was only one. AM will only need to score one themselves to even it up, so it's not a great differentiator, imo. Our play in the final third was really poor for the most part. The number of passes that went astray there was horrific. Worse, I didn't see this performance as a step up from what we've been seeing. Still too slow, still too many passes backwards and sideways, still a lack of good options when in possession, still lacking good chances. We got away with it today, but that won't always be the case. I want to see overall progress, and at the moment I'm not seeing it. Tuchel needs time, for sure. However, much of the 250m or so we spent in the Summer was to get in attacking talent - so the fact that we look poor up field is worrying.

    JG BallardJG BallardMåned siden
  • You criticise Jorginho but no Mount? You’re a xenophobic

    cosmos smithcosmos smithMåned siden
  • coyb 💙

    ChelseahavethegoatacadmyChelseahavethegoatacadmyMåned siden
  • I can't believe Tuchel is getting these performances from a side with Christensen, Alonso and Jorginho while Kante, Pulisic, Ziyech, Havertz and Chillwell sit on the bench. The second leg with no Jorginho or Mount will be interesting to say the least. I assume Kante will be asked to fill Mount's role to some degree.

    DeerbraDeerbraMåned siden
  • 1. Giroud is our hero 2. Jorginho have great vision but hes passing yesterday wwasnt the best 3. We need to warn counter attacks in rematch 4. Hudson odoi and mason mount played good 5. Christiensen is bad player 6. Tuchel is very good manager

    Luka von HodnikLuka von HodnikMåned siden
  • Hey George, if we go through, I want Porto, Dortmund or maybe Atalanta (if they all advance)

    Rohith RamanRohith RamanMåned siden
  • Haaland should not join unless we get an amazing çam with final ball vision

    TRÈ HUBTRÈ HUBMåned siden
  • All players were playing good! come on! no one deserve your yellow box mate! dont you see Athelet madrid parking 6-8 buses at the back??

    Eddy SylverstinEddy SylverstinMåned siden
  • Am I the only one that actual thinks we didn’t play that great... Jorginho was one of the only few that tried forward passing, had the second Most completed after Azpi ... I feel as chelsea are drilled into negative passes it’s annoying

    TRÈ HUBTRÈ HUBMåned siden
  • Jorginho was brilliant! his passed was spot on but mount & Odoi was too slow & doesn't read the game! yellow box should be for mount & odoi!!!

    Eddy SylverstinEddy SylverstinMåned siden
  • Azpi was defensively solid but misplaced too many passes

    Eric Kekeli TsigbeyEric Kekeli TsigbeyMåned siden
  • one word for giroud - goat

    Jasmine MansellJasmine MansellMåned siden