4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

19. nov.. 2020
3 031 991 Ganger

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - noworld.info/video/video/nJ3Tqrqf1qXFzNE.html


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  • The pain I feel watching this 🧍

    ぶろんブリアぶろんブリア8 minutter siden
  • The dedication....damn

    Victor ScholfieldVictor Scholfield11 minutter siden
  • Tbh why did he count every single one of them while he cud hav checked how much M&M one packet has and multiply how much packet u have. Work smert boi💥🔥

    AmidhAmidh12 minutter siden
  • Its hard to count and at as well!

    R4MP4GE M4rwyR4MP4GE M4rwy14 minutter siden
  • *Guys can we appreciate the toilet for being a champ after all these years even tho it's suffering it still handled it*

    Epik eggyツEpik eggyツ24 minutter siden
  • I'd be full drinking those 4 glasses of water

    SNIPER_LIFESNIPER_LIFE29 minutter siden
  • How does swallowing hand fulls of pills for 30 minutes not just break your whole digestive system?

    Mike EastonMike EastonTime siden
  • That patience of counting the whole damn thing.

    mdr893mdr893Time siden
  • Was he eating the m&m or just swallowing with water ?? 🔥🔥❤️❤️😂

    Hatim SaifyHatim SaifyTime siden
  • Snackhole

    Chan DrakesChan DrakesTime siden
  • Wtf!! Just swallowed!!! Not even chewed!!

    boss companyboss companyTime siden
  • im not impressed of u eating those m&ms im impressed that u counted 4044 m&ms😳

    Abner MangaoAbner MangaoTime siden
  • Omg.. i never want to eat m&ms ever again

    Nan DayoNan DayoTime siden
  • I love how the wallpaper of the tv/monitor in the background had the windows xp wallpaper lol

    iTechOSiTechOS2 timer siden
  • How is miki sudo on the poster but Matt is not ?? 😅

    Phạm Đức HưngPhạm Đức Hưng2 timer siden
  • Camera man all in the head

    lil nightCLlil nightCL2 timer siden
  • Bro how do you burn your fat and calories after eating fast food and etc.......

    kunhiraman nair Kaniyarikkalkunhiraman nair Kaniyarikkal2 timer siden
  • He must want diabetes 😂

    RedPandaBoiRedPandaBoi2 timer siden
  • Wow, Dude! I've seen you do some amazing things, but this...Good Lord, Stonie...My God!

    Rocky GrandinRocky Grandin3 timer siden
  • Matt stonie:alright here we go.3,2,1 An add play

    Andra PutraAndra Putra3 timer siden
  • This one looked so painful . I was worrying bout you on this one. That much chocolate. Damn. I know after 1 candy bar I feel disgusting. I couldn't imagine eating that much.

    DestiniArtDestiniArt3 timer siden
  • Dude. Out of all his videos, this was the most painful one for me to watch lmaoo

    Rose GRose G3 timer siden
  • I liked that part when he put M&M's in his mouth

    phreek1337phreek13373 timer siden
  • I’m convinced, if Matt can’t finish it, it can’t be done🤷🏽‍♂️

    Juan Gonzalez JrJuan Gonzalez Jr3 timer siden
  • Gonna be shitting rainbows after this

    attitudezattitudez3 timer siden
  • Now do it with skittles. Your jaw will break

    Hilderspilder99Hilderspilder993 timer siden
  • Love your hair, Matt!

    monette makabentamonette makabenta3 timer siden
  • Its look like some one eating thousand pills before sleep

    Shlofty IntousShlofty Intous3 timer siden
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    BadzBadz4 timer siden
  • Happy 13sub

    BadzBadz4 timer siden
    • Happy 13m sub 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

      BadzBadz4 timer siden
  • This man ain’t afraid of cavities. Cavities are afraid of him

    Young_GaffigenYoung_Gaffigen4 timer siden
  • ايه ٦

    Hassan HassanHassan Hassan4 timer siden
  • dont drink water so you will not be full

    Hannah Mackenzie CapiralHannah Mackenzie Capiral4 timer siden
  • I can all eat that in 10 mins

    Hannah Mackenzie CapiralHannah Mackenzie Capiral4 timer siden
  • This is a dumb way haha

    子晴子晴4 timer siden
  • My man, serious questions. What does your doctor say about some of these challenges? Aren't you afraid of long term affects? How do you feel after the challenges?

    Louie DanielloLouie Daniello4 timer siden
    • Ikr it is so unhealthy to swallow 2500 mnms.. idk how he is still healthy

      Nishant JaiswalNishant Jaiswal4 timer siden
  • could have just weighed 1 m&m then weighed them all at the end and divide that?

    husseymanghusseymang4 timer siden
  • Leaning tower of cheesa?

    mayo niecemayo niece4 timer siden
  • Sounds like he is eating rocks

    Night botNight bot4 timer siden
  • My stomach hurt watching this video.

    mjsevmjsev4 timer siden
  • heyy matt..did u pooped m&m's ???🤔🤔🤔

    gracefulflygracefulfly5 timer siden
  • Can we atleast appreciate him that he never clickbait and even count just to prove it ain't fake

    team kakashiteam kakashi5 timer siden
  • Do the kfc full menu again in which you failed and you told you will do it in future please do it

  • His poop will be rainbow coloured

    Vince GamingVince Gaming5 timer siden
  • Wow

    Joey MontesJoey Montes5 timer siden
  • 3:03 is when he starts eating

    Just ShadowJust Shadow5 timer siden
  • I can't remember what videogame let you have a Gigantic toothbrush

    Oliver OrtizOliver Ortiz5 timer siden
  • James?

    G2 International PersonalG2 International Personal5 timer siden
  • He didnt bite them lol

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo5 timer siden
  • He didn't even chew man?Ur dentist will be happy

    Big KTVBig KTV5 timer siden
  • Kevin Malone can eat more than that hands down!

    Nirnay SehdevaNirnay Sehdeva6 timer siden
  • I couldn't do this if I tried I would wake up with a headache.

    Jonathan ColemanJonathan Coleman6 timer siden
  • *This is every kids dream*

    Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley6 timer siden
  • I Got Diabetes Just By Watching This 😭😭😭

    Pranavu Kumar MAPranavu Kumar MA6 timer siden
  • He wasn’t even chewing the M&Ms

    Leyan YOUAEELLeyan YOUAEEL6 timer siden
  • My eyes can't see how he swallowed the candies without chewing 😂😂

    Yajju ShakyaYajju Shakya6 timer siden
  • OMG, he is good with swallowing. 👍👍👍 Bravo 😺

    My SneahMy Sneah6 timer siden
  • I wouldn't be able to eat those unless they had peanuts

    Le FabooLe Faboo6 timer siden
  • Yert

    Kevin BohorquezKevin Bohorquez6 timer siden
  • Purple M&Ms are cursed to me...

    Apple TrayApple Tray6 timer siden
  • R.I.P to the fallen m and m's😔

    Valmiki AnkadooValmiki Ankadoo7 timer siden
  • thats torture watching this

    The Good NewsThe Good News7 timer siden
  • He could just turn it all in a M&M juice, wouldn't it be great?

    PhORoPHEatyus ThE UnKnoWNPhORoPHEatyus ThE UnKnoWN7 timer siden
  • Matts poop is gonna be a rainbow 😂

    McamMcam7 timer siden
  • He should've color coded them

    Baconsniper76Baconsniper767 timer siden
  • Now that’s a kids dream meal 🙃

    Wilson Estrella JrWilson Estrella Jr7 timer siden
  • You drink to much water

  • Why does he have a Windows XP background on his TV in 2020?

    Tim GaryTim Gary8 timer siden
  • Me with my parents: Fruit and Vegetables, Fruits And Vegetables, And More Fruits And Vegetables. Me at my cousins house:

    XxBTSFanStudioxXXxBTSFanStudioxX8 timer siden
  • Man i didnt wast time to watch this man eat mnms and not eat the exact amount:( Sikkke

    Ausencio GarciaAusencio Garcia8 timer siden
  • The sole reason for making this video was to advertise to your audience... pretty gay but I guess that's what most videos are.

    FuoriclasseFuoriclasse8 timer siden
  • Wait did he lose 😳 wow

    andrew vegaandrew vega8 timer siden

    the tikooothe tikooo8 timer siden

    Radahiza ReyesRadahiza Reyes8 timer siden
  • Man idk how the fuck you shallow that many but you got my respect imao ewwwww

    JuanI Macias jjJuanI Macias jj8 timer siden
  • ;-;

    Tea LessTea Less8 timer siden
  • 5:46 Please make sure your tray tables are up in front of you, seats in the upright position.

    Jon JayJon Jay8 timer siden
  • I can imagine Molly would crush this! WomenVsFood! ;)

    aSyMboldenaSyMbolden8 timer siden
    • Do you....have windows xp? Running on that screen? Back there?

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn8 timer siden
  • 4:38 he dropped an M&M #ItWasBlue

    jeremi Jounjeremi Joun8 timer siden
    • i have a question how do you lose all those calories

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn8 timer siden
  • No a fence but how are you not fat your are in shape

    Triston WilliamsTriston Williams9 timer siden
  • I love pink the most because I green or lime or dark green

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • Next time you do a chocolate challenge, drink milk

    Red Mini CrewmateRed Mini Crewmate9 timer siden
  • My favorite color is blue and black and white and pink

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • how do you sty so skinny

    Jonathan GarayJonathan Garay9 timer siden
  • You are going to choke

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • I am watching you right now

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • What are you doing are eating mam's I am eating the same thing as you.

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • I love you be coz you are the best

    Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
    • I have 1,0000000 dolles

      Skyi MorrisonSkyi Morrison9 timer siden
  • minute 2:46 to skip sponsor ....

    chaval chavalonchaval chavalon9 timer siden
  • 3:03 is the start

    Lenny B.K.Lenny B.K.9 timer siden
  • Kevin Malone who???

    Kyle XuKyle Xu9 timer siden
    • If ykyk

      Kyle XuKyle Xu9 timer siden
  • Wow

    aadi chauhanaadi chauhan9 timer siden
  • i have a question how do you lose all those calories

    Virginia AlvarezVirginia Alvarez9 timer siden
  • Do you....have windows xp? Running on that screen? Back there?

    Christopher GrosserChristopher Grosser9 timer siden
  • He swallowed them all omg

    Sickomodelol _Sickomodelol _10 timer siden
  • He taking em down like the Air Force taking down Motrin

    Daniel LyDaniel Ly10 timer siden
  • Pathetic

    Emmanuel De ArcosEmmanuel De Arcos10 timer siden
  • How much times do you go to the gym

    Kody CampbellKody Campbell10 timer siden
  • A tutorial on how to shit a rainbow

    Stenin's Prodaction's-OfficialStenin's Prodaction's-Official10 timer siden
  • Thats were funny if you eating the m&m but.... Thats dont have a sense of you drink....

    El mundo de Rubén del Río.El mundo de Rubén del Río.10 timer siden