1. juli. 2018
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I've finally tested the 20% Carbon Fiber filled filament from ColorFabb. Let's find out how it performs!
Test samples and methods: www.patreon.com/posts/filament-test-16238656
ColorFabb XT-CF20: colorfabb.com/xt-cf20
Genuine Hardened Steel nozzels from E3D: e3d-online.com/hardened-v6-nozzles
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DISCLAIMER: NONE of these tests were performed with any officially calibrated test equipment. The values presented in this video are for information/entertainment only and will not be comparable to any official tests!

  • GREAT and very INFORMATIVE mate. I watched this video for about 2 minutes and subscribed IMMEDIATELY. Thank you so much for sharing your superb knowledge!! Cheers, p.

    Ned BazzVictoriaNed BazzVictoria7 dager siden
  • Apart from asbestos, carbon fiber can be cough out or just should not be harmful as asbestos. Carbon fiber has similiar health hazards as Glass Fiber, but idk if the macrophage can destroy it, still, you can cough it out. Asbestos fiber looks like "barbed wire" thus leading to said lung diseases, beause, thanks to it's shape, it is scratching lungs. Mesothelioma can be caused by small exposure, BUT it is rare. Asbestosis is not rare, but you need to huff it everyday. But one thing here... Carbon fiber uses epoxy, which, when heated, can cause cancer. In older days, asbestos was "miracle" and "future" of our homes.. now a nasty chemical.. and the same will propably happen to carbon stuff, if we don't find better gule-stuff to stick it together.

    VlčendoVlčendo10 dager siden
  • Dude - this was exceptionally well done! Thank you. Good point about carbon fiber particles - a friend of mine was a SAR Tech (Search And Rescue Technician) for the Canadian Armed forces up at Cold Lake where they flew the CF-18's. He had commented about the hazard of one of those planes going down because of fire and the carbon fiber used in the aircraft. The carbon fiber dust was especially dangerous - he flat out said it was deadly. I don't know anything about it besides what he said in passing.

    Ian JubyIan Juby22 dager siden
  • Well I won't be wasting my money on carbon fiber now.

    Matt LogueMatt Logue24 dager siden
  • Ok but what do you do if the damn reel melts in the oven? The PETG doesn't but it's a pp reel.. 😭

    Matt LogueMatt Logue24 dager siden
  • You forgot to mention one of the properties carbon fibre is most known for and that is weight. I know its an old video now but can someone tell me with identically dimensioned models if carbon fibre is significantly lighter?

    Ray PopeRay Pope24 dager siden
  • Stefan did you voice the fish on American Dad?

    Egg1456Egg1456Måned siden
  • With carbon fiber, when sanding it you will Need a respirator, because when sanded the particles are a carcinogen

    BeanBoy420BeanBoy420Måned siden
  • Worried about small fiber? Isnt worried about pollution which has same size than this fiber and kills yearly more people than road accidents? :D

    Jukka MuhonenJukka Muhonen2 måneder siden
  • Now i am thinking does that same erosion happen on arsehole if we eat fiber?

    Jukka MuhonenJukka Muhonen2 måneder siden
  • The lesson learned for me: NEVER print with this carcinogenic material!.. This is the seldom case where YT comments are more worth than the video itself - but without this video, there would be no discussion, so: THANK YOU! ..und grüezi us de Schwiiz :o)!

    bearinchbearinch2 måneder siden
  • Yes I would imagine breathing in Carbon Fiber particles could be as bad or even worse then breathing in Aspestus. Why? Because what make Aspestus bad is is gets stuck in lung tissue and the cells in in your lung can not break down the fibers of it. Eventually the area in your lung will break down and become cancerous herd of Mesothelioma? So what happens with carbon fibers? Who knows, has anyone tested it? It's strong stuff, I would caution on the error of not knowing until research is done. I will Google when done with comment to see. But I would imagine "Carbon fibers" could not be broken down by the human body any better then Aspestus fibers. Ok I found this, and we'll it is a big " who knows" Be safe and cautious when working around Carbon Fiber in anything. Wear a mask and with C10 you should already have 1 www.dtc-uk.com/dust-extraction/could-carbon-fibre-really-be-the-new-asbestos-we-looked-at-the-facts/#:~:text=We%20can't%20say%20for,you%20work%20with%20it%20regularly.

    Jerri CoverstoneJerri Coverstone3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for this very good material review.

    KlaveKlave3 måneder siden
  • A comparison of different brand CF Nylons would be interesting, say eSun CF Nylon vs VisionMiner vs MatterHackers NnylonX and finally this one tested here.

    Alexander BiersackAlexander Biersack3 måneder siden
  • Más basura para el planeta ?🤔🇨🇴

  • Nice information and good video, your right to be worried about your health while printing don't take any chances, I did with electroplating, even the chemicals warned me about cancer, I still carried on and now I have terminal throat cancer Keep safe Regards Debbie

    Debbie BebingtonDebbie Bebington4 måneder siden
  • I'm going to print some parts for my BMW just because

    JasonJason4 måneder siden
  • if it's strong in one derection cris-cross print.

    pissywits pissywitspissywits pissywits4 måneder siden
  • It''ll slowly grind away at your nozzle and ruin it

    onchao buttersonchao butters5 måneder siden
  • At 2:50: SINCE the material is a co-polyester, it causes material to stick to the nozzle/heater block. I get the exact same result (blobs adhering to the print randomly) with PETG. Why do copolyesters behave that way? Is that because they seem to expand when inside the hot section? Thanks to anyone who can help!

    N4v1d1N4v1d15 måneder siden
  • Come on dunk it in the same resin used with carbonfibre parts (as per usual definition)

    Joshua MackJoshua Mack5 måneder siden
  • this just sounds like asbestos, a magic fiber material that is easy to use but ends up giving you lung cancer

    lollol5 måneder siden
    • Carbon fibre without the resin stuff around it works quite similar

      Joshua MackJoshua Mack5 måneder siden
  • Now you can make a *carbon* copy of stuff, Ha haha... No? :(

    KshatriyaKshatriya5 måneder siden
  • Now do full infill and salt remelt this.

    dimman77dimman775 måneder siden
  • Guten Tag auch Meister

    Nelson T.Nelson T.5 måneder siden
  • How about using that filament maker machine of yours to make a blend of this and polymax for example for toughness and rigidity?

    Garion BrackenGarion Bracken5 måneder siden

    James HowellJames Howell5 måneder siden
  • I would like to see more about ASA, seems to perform good or very good in just about everything.

    jarmo tverinjarmo tverin5 måneder siden
  • To me it looks like the fire is it to space out to get better performance I believe the fibers have to be longer and have much more overlapWar have a fibers not in uniform direction and be able to connect multiple layers together by crossing between one layer to the layer above and below

    James VandersliceJames Vanderslice6 måneder siden
  • Thats some super shitty carbon fiber pla then if its that weak

    Austin KayeAustin Kaye6 måneder siden
  • I'd be curious how well this filament fairs when under significant load over prolonged times. I had very bad results with the unpigmented ColorFabb PLA-PHA blend for this particular use case with formation of many parallel stress cracks of all sizes and wonder if it might help to switch to this carbon fiber reinforced filament (or just plain PETG).

    Realm of MechadenseRealm of Mechadense6 måneder siden
  • @CNC Kitchen now there is more variety of carbon fibre filaments would you be interested in doing a new video comparing pla petg and nylon? Plus any others

    Calvin GreenCalvin Green6 måneder siden
  • so this would be good for a motherboard tray?

    George HeadGeorge Head6 måneder siden
  • anyone tried crosshatching this material?

    TheAdeybobTheAdeybob6 måneder siden
  • Based on the title... Who's thumbing this video down?! It's incredibly in depth and diligent.

    Stuart CullenStuart Cullen6 måneder siden
  • So is carbon fiber PLA just a gimmick? If it's weaker and not that much lighter what's its purpose?

    Big Man DanBig Man Dan6 måneder siden
  • Asbestos printing much? You ought to be wearing a full hazmat suit. I would avoid being in that room or touch that spool or material at all costs....

    Tim KourboTim Kourbo7 måneder siden
  • Holy shit I'm glad I read the comments!! Guess I'm not getting carbon fiber nylon after all

    Vincent GarciaVincent Garcia7 måneder siden
  • Safety like everything even time is relative. Eg the insolation in your walls and even the drywall of your office has fiber glass in it. Every time a mouse gets in it moves fine fiberglass particles all over the place. Then they demolish the building load it all on uncovered trucks and drive through the city........ Relative to all that, this is nothing

    Edd Edward'sEdd Edward's8 måneder siden
  • No concern with printing this or similar material. I’ve printed carbon filled material, but with a standard brass nozzle.

    dgretleindgretlein8 måneder siden
  • Man, I miss using an SEM. Do you have access to one through your work or do you send it out for a service?

    R ReR Re8 måneder siden
  • Do you have the STL's for the basic filament printing tests that you show early on in the video? not the ones in your patreon. Like the overhang test is a particular nice looking test model I want to try out on my monitor with some materials myself.

    ProfessorX 86ProfessorX 868 måneder siden
  • Dude that’s really cool but would there be anyway to get a specific wieve of carbon? Also what about the small fibers which can get onto your skin and make you itch I haven’t done carbon work ever it’s just to much of a hazard for me

    Master ProductionsMaster Productions8 måneder siden
  • I guess the extra carbon molecules wont be great for health but even you think about the percentage of carbon particulates is in the air i dont think it'll make a huge difference, better to be safe then sorry though.

    Magna RexMagna Rex8 måneder siden
  • Can you try to print this with 0.6mm nozzle? I wonder if you will get better layer adhesion if the fibers align in a less uniform direction.?

    Hayden KrauseHayden Krause8 måneder siden
  • There are 666k views sorta funny

    HmmmHmmm8 måneder siden
    • Jahhouse.com

      What saith the scripture?What saith the scripture?4 måneder siden
  • Lots of research articles claiming carbon fiber particles to be as toxic as asbestos..

    MightyRoyMightyRoy8 måneder siden
  • Outstanding content... Thank you so much

    Tyler ArrigoniTyler Arrigoni9 måneder siden
  • So essentially then, this product is almost completely useless in all but a few circumstances, where it is only marginally better than other products, and is super dangerous as well as expensive. Great!

    Mike HerseeMike Hersee9 måneder siden
  • So, PETG is still the best choice.

    Maximiliano CinqMaximiliano Cinq9 måneder siden
  • Can it hold a bullet?

    Dy BatDy Bat9 måneder siden
  • Thanks, the most down to earth and honest review of this pla blend

    exl999exl99910 måneder siden
  • Can carbon fiber infused filament such as this be safely be used for parts where contact with the skin is often happening, for example a door knob?

    Mark KamoskiMark Kamoski10 måneder siden
  • Breathing fine metal dust and powdered fiberglass can and does give you mesothelioma. I'm not sure if the fibers in the carbon fiber carry the same risk but for safety's sake we should assume similar or even the same health risk is applicable. Thankfully I already have a perfect 3m p100 multigas respirator and even p100 non gas pancake filters near at hand and the filters are cheap and readily available. Thanks for everything you do. This information is invaluable.

    King JamesIXKing JamesIX10 måneder siden
  • Can this be made as a structural base for a bicycle accessory?

    Migi PeraltaMigi Peralta10 måneder siden
  • What would be the best material for printing compound and/or regular bows

    fung whyoufung whyou10 måneder siden
  • Can you make a video how to slice a temperature test tower like in your video? Using prusia slicer if possible

    Kent talks techKent talks tech10 måneder siden
  • with only 20% carbon Fibre,and the fact you aren't cutting into it with some sort of rotary tool,I'm sure you will be OK.

    John BravoJohn Bravo10 måneder siden
  • How do you have access to an SEM? Is that yours, or do you have to send the samples off to be imaged?

    Steven BoelkeSteven Boelke11 måneder siden
  • Thank you!

    DucatiDave009DucatiDave00911 måneder siden
  • Based on my experience, the carbon fibre content should between 5% to 10% that would achieve the highest stress resistance.

    Hi Lee HighlyHi Lee Highly11 måneder siden
  • Can you recommend a place to get tungsten carbide nozzles? preferably in europe, shipping from the few sellers I've found is brutal

    FearoftheDankFearoftheDank11 måneder siden
    • @CNC Kitchen Thanks so much!

      FearoftheDankFearoftheDank11 måneder siden
    • youprintin3d.de/hotendszubehoer/dyze-design/nozzles/1049/tungsten-carbide-nozzle-0.4mm.html

      CNC KitchenCNC Kitchen11 måneder siden
  • twitter.com

    S VS V11 måneder siden
  • Given your extensive testing, I don't think carbon-fibre reinforcement actually achieves anything in this iteration. Pity.

    AcheiropoietosAcheiropoietos11 måneder siden
  • Great Videos. Sounds a little like Klaus from American Dad.

    D. H.D. H.11 måneder siden
  • Any fiber that gets into lungs will cause bad for sure..your intuition is correct

    Lorrie CarrelLorrie Carrel11 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the review, I tried some tests myself and I have to say I am kinda disappointed. The filament look really nice, like one of the best finishes I have ever seen, but it's mechanical properties are not really what you expect from something with carbon fiber in the name... Unless you really need the stiffness go with something else. Colorfabb makes really great filaments but I had higher hopes for this one...

    Yoram SwiersYoram SwiersÅr siden
  • As someone who deals with asbestos in my line of work, I find it nothing short of outrageous that they are selling filament that is packed with microscopic biopersistent fibres in this day and age. Carbon nanotubes have already been proven to cause fatal lung cancers such as mesothelioma. Those microscopic cross section views were terrifying. Wear a respirator while reworking? How about all the fibres getting blow off into the surrounding space during the print process. This is insanity!

    DaaaveO1971DaaaveO1971År siden
    • @JARED STALKER you are a salesperson not rnd they don't tell you facts cause facts don't sell

      a very good fantastic namea very good fantastic name4 måneder siden
    • @MultiMacsek it can get in your skin and get in your blood.

      Cine ZoneCine Zone5 måneder siden
    • @Thomas Henderson when it is melted it is moved all around and exposed. Someone in the comments also said they got loads of fibers in their fingers.

      Cine ZoneCine Zone5 måneder siden
    • Actually that's incorrect as a salesperson of this filament for 6 years

    • If it was CF nanotubes it would be a very different story.

      Stuart CullenStuart Cullen6 måneder siden
  • Hi, please can you tell me which is the best material for printing boats.

    SMGN00BSMGN00BÅr siden
  • Hey @CNC Kitchen, have you any suggestions for a impact resistant resistant 3D printable part? I'm building a mini battlebot and it's going to take quite a few bumps and bangs from the likes of Drone motors with weights on them. White something really tough sounds ideal I'm wondering if the outer shell would be better if it possibly had some flex in it or am I best getting something that's just extremely strong? I was going for CF but the fact it's only strong in one direction leaves me to believe there's something better out there.

    CosantoirCosantoirÅr siden
  • Hello mate, is this Petg cf? And can you share your settings?

    AfroTechCompanyAfroTechCompanyÅr siden
  • Weight of printed parts compared to other materials?

    GKGKÅr siden
  • Sir, please suggest filament material to make large size statue around 6 feet height. Statue should sustain direct sunlight, should be durable for long life . . . Please guide.

    Yogesh SonarYogesh SonarÅr siden
  • Not impressed.

    Urmom1985Urmom1985År siden
  • I think you said that although the carbon fibre filament produced more rigid parts/products than most other filaments did, it did not produce as tough of test specimens as some other 3D printing polymer filaments. I think you mentioned polycarbonate filaments produced tougher parts. With price of filament not being a restricting factor, apart from polycarbonate filaments, what other polymer filaments would you recommend, if maximum toughness was your overriding design goal ?? For example, how does polycarbonate toughness compare to nylon66 ?? (Are they the same thing ??) Great video !! (Liked & subscribed !!)

    Jeff ThompsonJeff ThompsonÅr siden
  • sorry I'm new to all this and am sorry if this is a basic question that I'm just missing or to newb to get....... but can any 3d printer print carbon fiber ? as long as it says PLA ON IT ?

  • long fiber PLA-CF is a new thing. i wonder if its less horrible on the body.

    jimster1111jimster1111År siden
  • That is some fine testing. Thank you.

    FibraFibraÅr siden
  • Your filament test failed at the grips. Those tests are usually thrown out from my experience because of the added stress from gripping the material.

    KylantoKylantoÅr siden
  • You should print 90% carbon fiber ops not possible on a standard 3D printer

    Stefaan CoddeStefaan CoddeÅr siden
  • Excellent video Stefan! I have an Ender 5 on it's way to me, and I intend to print bed supports for it with the XT-CF20 filament. I've also ordered the same nozzle from E3D. I'm thinking I can reduce thickness of the supports if I'm using C/F, do think it's feasible? Alternatively I might print the dual Z axis parts as seen on Thingiverse and go that route. Either way, it's all interesting and fun stuff!!!

    wordreetwordreetÅr siden
  • Ganz good

    Cesar Alejandro Calvimonte GuillenCesar Alejandro Calvimonte GuillenÅr siden
  • i work with fiber glass, G10, and Carbon Fiber a lot... and if you are sanding these... you for sure need gloves and a respirator. GOOD CALL!

    Jacob RayJacob RayÅr siden
  • Interesting could be haw it performs after baking.

    Kristaps RumpisKristaps RumpisÅr siden
  • It's not dangerous unless you are sanding or sawing or drilling.

    DELTACX10DELTACX10År siden
  • Yes wear correct ppe. Never chance it.

    BEACH BUM BoatsBEACH BUM BoatsÅr siden
  • Very cool. Although was it a fair test if you had it stored for so long? Is this stuff safe on the skin once printed?

    AJ HaywireAJ HaywireÅr siden
  • If carbon fibre filled PETG has such a high stiffness, what about carbon fibre filled ABS or even PC-MAX? I just want something with crazy stiffness, decent layer adhesion, and no problems with creep. CF-XT20 certainly impresses in that regard, whilst also achieving the best surface finish on any FDM part I've seen, even bridging looks practically perfect, but surely we can do better in terms of stiffness? P.S. I tend to print slow (15mm/s external perimetres) with XT-20 at 265 degrees for good layer-adhesion. I also use tungsten carbide nozzles, since hardened steel nozzles have horrible thermal conductivity and aren't nearly as durable.

    Tom HsiaTom HsiaÅr siden
  • Love this video and the scientific approach to filament testing. One suggestion, have you considered getting an air quality monitor? I have been testing and documenting air purifiers, diy ventilation and different filament particle release by using an air quality monitor. I think this sort of testing and information would fit nicely within your videos and process. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping the 3d print community.

    Richard BeienRichard BeienÅr siden
  • Carbon particles are also an electrical hazard. They are extremely conductive so can cause short-circuits. Be aware of that when post-processing this material.

    Nicolas BeaudoinNicolas BeaudoinÅr siden
  • Whats a goot tin tog? Lol

    Appalachian ForgeAppalachian ForgeÅr siden
  • Is it strong enough to print a pistol for 22lr calibre

    Bharathwaj KBharathwaj KÅr siden
    • If you're gonna print a gun, why print one in a pissy underwhelming caliber ?? Learn handloading to reduce co$t$, then select a calibre with some decent stopping power. Google Dr. Martin Fackler, Wound ballistics, and the Strassburg Goat Tests...

      Jeff ThompsonJeff ThompsonÅr siden
  • Well done. Nice informative video, thanks.

    grateful amateurgrateful amateurÅr siden
  • try to ABS/GNP.

    Syuqeri AzimanSyuqeri AzimanÅr siden
  • This is not true carbon fiber it only has carbon fiber dust this has no extra strength

    Daniel MaddenDaniel MaddenÅr siden
  • Wow just found this channel. Bought my first 3d printer last week. I love the mechanics of materials approach this channel has for testing filaments. Extremely insightful for appropriation of filaments for prototyping. Subscribed!

    Michael CamerinoMichael CamerinoÅr siden
  • Your under extrusion might be due to slippage on the extruder. Someone else said that they had to get a new extruder with fewer and larger teeth to stop it, as abrasive filaments such as this don't grip well. Increasing the flow or printing slow is a sloppy work around.

    ArcanePath360ArcanePath360År siden
  • Please don´t rework carbon fiber material by sanding in your office! Carbon particles are electrically conductive, they can damage or destroy your computer or other electronical devices! If only the power supply unit crashes you are lucky...I know from experience. I think printing it may not be a problem because fibers are bonded.

    Falk PätzoldFalk PätzoldÅr siden
  • i hate your accent!

    o0RexOoo0RexOoÅr siden
    • I love it

      CNC KitchenCNC KitchenÅr siden
  • Por favor. Traduza o vídeo para português.

    Cavalheiro Bruto RealistaCavalheiro Bruto RealistaÅr siden