2021 Las Vegas Challenge Presented by Innova | Final Round

28. feb.. 2021
72 573 Ganger

Final Round coverage of the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge.

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  • Congrats to the winners! Great commentary!

    PhilGeisslerPhilGeisslerMåned siden
  • boring zzzzzzzzzz

    lynda joneslynda jonesMåned siden
  • these announcers are kinda annoying. one is sharp s's its kinda hot. the other is really nasally and always has a high pitched voice which is brutal.

    lynda joneslynda jonesMåned siden
  • It's all commercials! Nah. Thanks but I'll watch Jomez Pro

    Aaron Mayhew 2.0Aaron Mayhew 2.0Måned siden
    • That's my problem. I expect too much for people. I hate commercials with a passion

      Aaron Mayhew 2.0Aaron Mayhew 2.0Måned siden
    • What do you expect. It's LIVE. The players can't teleport to their lies. They have to walk. And it would be worse if the commentators had to just ramble that entire time. Its no different than any other sport. Just be glad there were no long backups, which is common in big touneys.

      Mike SchroederMike SchroederMåned siden
  • More Ian please

    Jed TaitanoJed TaitanoMåned siden
    • Less Ian please.

      Jaime J. GonzalezJaime J. GonzalezMåned siden
  • 1:47:17 Ctrails

    ash manash manMåned siden
  • I just noticed Paul McBeth wearing a red shirt with black pants. A tribute to Tiger?

    Adam LAdam LMåned siden
  • "The Shtip meter"😂

    Nathan PirtzNathan PirtzMåned siden
    • 😁

      Ian AndersonIan AndersonMåned siden
  • 46:51 Calvin nerves of steel

    Mark Route5discgolfMark Route5discgolfMåned siden
    • And 1:05:02

      Mark Route5discgolfMark Route5discgolfMåned siden
    • Amazing live broadcast moment!

      Mark Route5discgolfMark Route5discgolfMåned siden
  • If Nate Doss has not heard of the Tilt, how is he qualified to be on color commentary? I mean, it was all over the disc golf online world in December.

    Brian MoonBrian MoonMåned siden
  • Bow down bitches

    Warren MackeyWarren MackeyMåned siden
  • I am the bomb

    Warren MackeyWarren MackeyMåned siden
  • I am the Pres of the Sun Valley DiscDragons. In my noble position I am of the opinion that Mr Alderholderweis show I higher degree of respect towards the veteran players he is competing against. Sir, your a boot, your green and though quite lean the vet Drew Gibson is King. Defer to your elders lad, ie. who is away Another noble thought from aka The Pres, The Brahman of bud, King Hoop etc etc I’d like to proclaim to all my subjects a nickname for Mr Gibson. The Kong or King Kong or Long Kong Gibson

    Warren MackeyWarren MackeyMåned siden
  • It's OK to leave moments of silence.. Especially when the commentary is repetative or doesn't quite make sense..

    jfoster2488jfoster2488Måned siden
    • Totally agree. When they go into cliches and platitudes mode sometimes it feels like they are forcing it. Overall though i give them a thumbs up.

      Naeda ThomsNaeda ThomsMåned siden
  • I wanna see how these guys would do playing in the same conditions we did in Michigan today. Putting while standing on icy fairways. It would be a fun watch

    JSozKVBFJSozKVBFMåned siden
  • just started watching. Once I heard Ian's voice I knew that the broadcast would be more enjoyable than I had expected. Thank you DGPT.

    Free ManFree ManMåned siden
  • 0:28 von.lgbt

    Franecki FranksFranecki FranksMåned siden
  • 0:16 bed.ind.in

    Becker JosueBecker JosueMåned siden
  • 0:10 von.lol

    Koepp AndersenKoepp AndersenMåned siden
  • Always bet on black!

    ash manash manMåned siden
  • Ian is a huge upgrade over Jamie. Nate seems to be better this year too.

    Sketto8Sketto8Måned siden
    • Nate is smart and thoughtful. Ian bringing out his passion within the analysis.

      Eric WEric WMåned siden
  • Why do they use facemask and why do they take it on and off alltime?

    Ztefan BerthaZtefan BerthaMåned siden
    • Have you heard of covid-19? They take off the mask when they are trowing, since they are alone on the tee, and on the fairway when they trow.

      freddan6flyfreddan6flyMåned siden
    • 😳

      degasdegasMåned siden
  • 0:32 vor.in.net

    Glover DorseyGlover DorseyMåned siden
  • Nothing against Jamie but I love that Ian is on the commentary for this! I think he's one of the best there is in the booth.

    Mike SchroederMike SchroederMåned siden
    • I couldn't disagree more. I think Ian is one of the worst and makes it almost unwatchable. To each their own. Different strokes for different folks.

      Jaime J. GonzalezJaime J. GonzalezMåned siden
    • Yes, Ian belongs in disc golf commentary. He's the fan we all want to be. So much knowlegedge and casual good spirit!

      Eric WEric WMåned siden
  • Paul didn’t wear blue?!?

    Robert SchuchRobert SchuchMåned siden
    • He always wears red on champ Sunday

      Thomas KerrThomas KerrMåned siden
  • I've definitely been critical of the DGPT coverage before but this coverage was excellent. And me being critical isn't anything malicious, I just love the sport and want to see it grow. Keep it up DGPT

    DirtyCarlDirtyCarlMåned siden
    • @DirtyCarl Agreed!

      PhilGeisslerPhilGeisslerMåned siden
    • I'm actually liking this better than the condensed Jomez Gatekeeper etc but it's all good. Now if I could just attend an event.

      Michael HansenMichael HansenMåned siden
    • @DirtyCarl Nate was ok the first 2 days, but I really can't stand commentary that beats the just so after the fact talk about who wants it more and momentum and weathering the storm. Plus: the direction, camera work, and less choppy transitions to the women. Overall, the coverage is an improvement over last year and I'm happy I paid for the yearly subscription.

      Michael HansenMichael HansenMåned siden
    • And I like Nate on commentary...IMO the guy gets too much flak

      DirtyCarlDirtyCarlMåned siden