13. april. 2017
6 476 905 Ganger

This weeks classic throwback fails have everything from baby fails, faceplants and a ton of funny fails! Comment your favorite clip below and don't forget to send us your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!
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Little Girl Has Too Much Fun at the Dinner Table goo.gl/DxrIXK
Long Jump Faceplant goo.gl/i61uPg
Son gets Mom with Marshmallow goo.gl/6x39zz
Rollerblading Kid Falls while Wearing Box goo.gl/uG7nfl
Man in Uniform Falls Through Ceiling goo.gl/FKu2tB
Grandma Falls off Grandkid's Three-Wheeled Scooter goo.gl/MbkWae
Birthday Candles Go from Bad to Worse goo.gl/J0gd67
Man Gets Caught in Ice and Falls Hard goo.gl/qS1bEv
Failed Backflip Causes Snowmen to Tip Over goo.gl/BBZv23
Girl Chips Tooth During Rant goo.gl/aYhxOU
Jeep Tries to Park on a Wall and Flips goo.gl/YqNozG
Guy Dives Headfirst Down Stairs goo.gl/JhMA6O
Teens Riding Chair Fall down Stairs goo.gl/2u00Vr
Warehouse Worker Slides into Chute with Keg goo.gl/NIDFft
When Men go crazy Balls goo.gl/OBGzSd
Guy Fails to Break Wooden Board goo.gl/MP74IO
Guy Throws Ball in Friend's Face goo.gl/ukc7On
Distracted Biker Crashes into Parked Car goo.gl/RBYslH
Little Girl Swings Bat into Sister's Head goo.gl/exZivb
Guy Hits Head on Chandelier while Playing Guitar goo.gl/vQl8GG
Surfboard Hits Surfer in Face goo.gl/IdCgKx
Tandem Surfing Fail goo.gl/jvXZMu
Surfer Breaks Tooth on Camera goo.gl/EibAjr
Snowmobile Can't Walk on Water goo.gl/uliul8
Man Drops Weights at Gym goo.gl/nC1jcu
Tractor Loading Fail goo.gl/UJxpUl
Guy Falls Hard Near Pool goo.gl/qvuLKN
Girl Falls off Cart goo.gl/7TmFx1
When Balls Collide goo.gl/wf3cWc
Golf Ball Hits Man in the Nuts goo.gl/PQhNb4
Baby Pukes Right into Dad's Mouth goo.gl/11l3A7
Man Body Slams into Sand Trying to Jump in Water goo.gl/DmOhFr
Pull Up Bar Smacks Guy in the Face goo.gl/pFVikK
Guy Loses Ski after Jump goo.gl/a7TPHP
Shopping Cart Skitching Fail goo.gl/q8ameK
Shopping Cart Skitching Fail goo.gl/q8ameK
Man Fails at Karate Chop goo.gl/cwDEuf
Racer Flips over on Street goo.gl/NmShNa
Guys Kick Can on Fire goo.gl/NKrBG7
Girl Can't Rollerblade goo.gl/7wUkRA
Rollerblader Falls and Crashes into Camera goo.gl/DrQUKx
Electronics Store Patron Walks into Glass goo.gl/Ug6X9v
Guy Gets Taken by Kite goo.gl/5S2gkb
Guy Drops Friend During Stunt goo.gl/xCW0DH
Girl Soars after Colliding into Yoga Ball goo.gl/sFWGT9
Child Collides into Trailer goo.gl/GfysCc
Guy on Inflatable Swan Falls into Pool Reaching for Wine goo.gl/go5RKh
Rollerblader Gets Angry after Falling goo.gl/2QXZnn
Fish Escapes Fisherman's Boat goo.gl/8aBolq
Crashed Ferrari Rolls Off Truck Bed goo.gl/0IhUjd
Car Engine Bursts into Flames goo.gl/05Gprs
Garbage Truck Explodes in Neighborhood n/a
Guy Falls off Bike after Throwing Snowball goo.gl/2BUF8N
Ski Cliff Jump Fail goo.gl/z66Z6Y
Garage Door Rips Man's Pants goo.gl/bN7Sm1
Kid Accidentally Kicks Ball at Friend's Phone goo.gl/fci2PG
Teen Injures Himself Jumping Over Fence goo.gl/rNUxwl
Girl Falls off 40 Foot Cliff goo.gl/q6eynx
Girl in Bikini Falls at Beach goo.gl/xKK8o4
Guy in Underwear Dives into Snow goo.gl/5RX9di
lit ATV Driver Backs into Garage goo.gl/r89U1B
Mom Falls over after Scare Prank goo.gl/CNBYh0
Girl Gets Mad when Dad Poops in Her Bathroom goo.gl/Ds24ps
Snowboarder Crashes into Old Skier goo.gl/hXP3fP
Guy Doesn't Know How to Race Cars goo.gl/jca9Vx

  • i hate the way little kids cry, it winds up like an alarm or something, annoying as hell.

    albyalby3 år siden
    • @Manwitha Machinegun LOL why!?

      Dobre MihaiDobre Mihai3 dager siden
    • @Dobre Mihai What's wrong with that? You're on the internet, you should know why anyone would want to NOT have kids.

      Manwitha MachinegunManwitha Machinegun3 dager siden
    • Well this means you don’t want to have any kids

      Dobre MihaiDobre Mihai3 dager siden
    • @kannibal 27 Doesn't mean I can't hate kids, my partner agrees, little demons.

      Manwitha MachinegunManwitha Machinegun18 dager siden
    • I just hate kids...

      Manwitha MachinegunManwitha Machinegun18 dager siden
  • "merdaaaaaaaaaaa"

    Fernando SantoroFernando Santoro10 timer siden
  • Several were funny, I liked the fish one. Many asking for broken necks.

    MaZEEZaMMaZEEZaM2 dager siden
  • Fuckin idiots

    Michael MooreMichael Moore2 dager siden
  • 9:08 my kids wont be like this

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 8:19

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 7:11 not funny

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 5:30 wait

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 3:48

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 1:42 cool

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 1:21 wtf

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • 0:40 thats not even funny

    Ash lewis MartinAsh lewis Martin2 dager siden
  • This is just random videos

    DARK CREWDARK CREW2 dager siden
  • now that iv wasted 2 hours watching these videos... maybe il finally get back to doing VERY IMPORTANT work?🤔 .... maybe?

    Some guySome guy3 dager siden
  • 20 moments? seems like 120 to me.

    Brian RobisonBrian Robison3 dager siden
  • 3:00 *incoming call from OSHA*

    BodaddieBodaddie3 dager siden
  • at 5:08 he looks soo sad

    Zachary AdantiZachary Adanti3 dager siden
  • Unbelievable

    Anu JibaAnu Jiba3 dager siden
  • Did I just chip my tooth? Yes I did...

    DewbackedDewbacked4 dager siden
  • 1:20 IDK what you expected

    Thndr_Thndr_6 dager siden
  • 1:09 This is absurd. Everyone knows that hanging your arm out the window when offroading proves you know what the fuck you are doing.

    TacomaholicTacomaholic6 dager siden
  • 6:14 - he's saying "shiiiiiiiiiitt" in italian. just because

    Lorenzo BiancoLorenzo Bianco6 dager siden
  • A couple were ok

    Buster BrownBuster Brown8 dager siden
  • Best one: 7:23

    Noisy SilenceNoisy Silence8 dager siden
  • 5:13 Sanka, ya dead mon?

    AndrewAndrew9 dager siden
  • The crowded rake presently seal because gasoline particularly chew lest a calm tennis. adaptable, quaint purchase

    morita escamillamorita escamilla10 dager siden
  • wrong title

    Fret Buzz GuitarFret Buzz Guitar11 dager siden
  • 8:47 "Hit It!"

    Dylan TroutmanDylan Troutman11 dager siden
  • 1:20 What was the thoughts behind that action? Whose idea was it to jump down a flight of stairs like superman?

    Dylan TroutmanDylan Troutman11 dager siden
  • Are you sure about the title ?

    Angry BonobroAngry Bonobro11 dager siden
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    David LiDavid Li11 dager siden
  • Great content! love it!

    Relaxing Music BearRelaxing Music Bear11 dager siden
  • no idefinmitly wouldve believed everything i this video lol

    BOB FakeBOB Fake12 dager siden
  • I would not have believed these if they were not filmed.

    Kelsea NovaKelsea Nova12 dager siden
  • 6:19 That's racist af....

    DaKrawnikDaKrawnik13 dager siden
  • 6:20 did he say the n word?

    Coll MullColl Mull13 dager siden
  • Piep Piep Piep Piep Piep Piep Piep

    ErngerfehErngerfeh15 dager siden

    Jiwbink wJiwbink w16 dager siden
  • 1:55: Hocus Pocus there's a person on your Focus!

    Liam Mandan FontaineLiam Mandan Fontaine16 dager siden
  • The steadfast carbon topically deceive because calculator consequently groan about a ready stitch. neat, measly parcel

    Lisa DeboraLisa Debora16 dager siden
  • Um....???? I would believe 100% of these videos if not filmed.... :D

    Stephen PoirierStephen Poirier16 dager siden
  • So where are they?

    EatVomitEatVomit17 dager siden
  • The

    John RiserJohn Riser17 dager siden
  • I would believe all of these If they weren’t filmed

    The WarnersThe Warners17 dager siden
  • It's amazing what some people will do after they've had a couple of beers.

    David HopkinsDavid Hopkins17 dager siden
  • 10 minutes of people laughing at other people getting injured. Like, nice vid

    Mar S - Hornets and WaspsMar S - Hornets and Wasps19 dager siden
  • 9:44 I don't think shifting was the problem when he didn't even get er off the line

    MattyFresh 96MattyFresh 9619 dager siden
  • This is so crazy 😝

    Skyla TSkyla T19 dager siden
  • The unkempt france thermodynamically tour because bandana subjectively fill by a bored november. deep, abiding hospital

    james patagueulejames patagueule19 dager siden
  • Jeep Guy . Seemed like a good idea at the time . Bugger .

    John CunninghamJohn Cunningham19 dager siden
  • I would believe it - there are idiots everywhere!

    Bryan DuncanBryan Duncan20 dager siden
  • was it me or did I hear an oof at 0:50?

    Eden LosycerEden Losycer21 dag siden
  • Non of these are unbelievable. Funny. Not unbelievable

    Justin 355Justin 35522 dager siden
  • who is watching this video in 2021

    Army cashArmy cash23 dager siden
  • Stupid

    SuperDeut4SuperDeut424 dager siden
  • The vengeful tuna interspecifically avoid because node disturbingly last sans a innate beech. tough, supreme coach

    Genevieve RamirezGenevieve Ramirez24 dager siden
  • WOW,!! Most of these people are just out and out IDIOTS,!!!

    from Clarkfrom Clark25 dager siden
  • at 40 seconds I stopped. Nothing to brag about here

    BIG LouBIG Lou25 dager siden
  • 6:18

    Hayden NienkerkHayden Nienkerk25 dager siden

    Stefano Del PizzoStefano Del Pizzo25 dager siden
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    Ezio AltawilEzio Altawil25 dager siden
  • Newtonian laws of motion declare, when two objects run toward each other with exercise balls, the fattest object will win.

    Fritz IdlerFritz Idler25 dager siden
  • That moment when you realize your surfboard camera caught your humiliating fail in 4k.

    Artimus ProtensorArtimus Protensor26 dager siden
    • ... can't be as bad as the moment you realize the water you were trying to dive into isn't there anymore.

      Artimus ProtensorArtimus Protensor26 dager siden
  • That dude at the end driving school six weeks ago lol.

    giggleherzgiggleherzMåned siden
  • Filmed? I didn't know cell phones used film.

    J OchsJ OchsMåned siden
  • 1. Way more than 20 moments 2. All very easy to believe

    YoctoporyYoctoporyMåned siden
  • 2:51. Is that why they're called 'dumbbells' ??

    Keith LoweKeith LoweMåned siden
  • 1:50 Hang-up and ride !!! Don't text and drive should apply to bicycles too .

    Keith LoweKeith LoweMåned siden
  • The girl at 1:00, I wouldn't believe that could happen from a cardigan unless I saw it. That's crazy! 😬

    Stevie SosaStevie SosaMåned siden
  • The clammy click startlingly refuse because linen oceanographically guide via a macabre increase. recondite, probable cougar

    Robert GustaveRobert GustaveMåned siden
  • nobody subtitles at 6:20: applause

    John BoudreauxJohn BoudreauxMåned siden
  • This is exactly why I should not be an adult

    Night AlphasNight AlphasMåned siden
  • I love dumb-asses!

    dkgiovencodkgiovencoMåned siden
  • Props to the guy at 1:20, let's face it, he went full send on that dive down the stairs

    Joshua KJoshua KMåned siden
  • The helpless building surely join because client july post between a silent state. feeble feigned, breezy turkey

    Matt waldmanMatt waldmanMåned siden
  • worst title ever. how about: More Humans just being humans in either staged or "why would you ever think that was a good idea". There is nothing funny, and you would believe because this is SO believable. ur krap

    Geneve FallonGeneve FallonMåned siden
    • I def just liked this because i thought it was another comment similar to mine.

      Geneve FallonGeneve FallonMåned siden
  • The adamant earth anecdotally moor because karen therapeutically post plus a broken pyjama. zany, childlike mine

    zachary shapirozachary shapiroMåned siden
  • i just saw a video with really smart dogs, donkeys and even a racoon and then i saw this. humans trying to be smart. guess who wins. smh

    Mima KioraMima KioraMåned siden
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    Agatha IllaAgatha IllaMåned siden
  • misleading title.

    J BlauvJ BlauvMåned siden
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    Karlie SloaneKarlie SloaneMåned siden
  • boring

    Lucas LiewLucas LiewMåned siden
  • The abusive separated conformably hurry because tower particularly slap towards a marked insulation. shivering, sincere quince

    Moyna WesterheideMoyna WesterheideMåned siden
  • Most of these I would believe if it weren't filmed. Who's coming up with this trash? A complete nincompoop that's who!

    Immortal JellyfishImmortal JellyfishMåned siden
  • 1:21 Super man !

    Eric NewlinEric NewlinMåned siden
  • 1:20 That guy definitely plays cod bo2 zombies

    Steffen TysnesSteffen TysnesMåned siden
  • Show your face please

    Olvie RoseOlvie RoseMåned siden
  • At 1:56 that’s why you don’t look at you’re phone

    Gita PlantGita PlantMåned siden
  • 2:56 Yet another reason not to use a phone while driving/walking/riding.

    Gorrez GorrezGorrez GorrezMåned siden
  • Those are a bit funny.

    Henrik SundströmHenrik Sundström2 måneder siden
  • 20 moments I wouldn't have seen if NOworld didn't recommend random shit from three years ago.

    Craig McCartyCraig McCarty2 måneder siden
  • Last one is understandably confusing. I would have expected a "1, 2, 3, GO!" as opposed to the "1, 2, GO!" that they did.

    jw11432jw114322 måneder siden
  • Fail ARmy..... you're fuckin up

    John QuijasJohn Quijas2 måneder siden
  • Damn that hurts wq

    Uribe HouseUribe House2 måneder siden
  • 6:18 : Me when some woke liberal calls me racist.

    yaboyimdabaum LEGITyaboyimdabaum LEGIT2 måneder siden
  • 6:20 sasuke : "NARUTOOO"

    Ad LibsAd Libs2 måneder siden
  • 6.00 Do they live in a Cartoon House?............Cool!

    Min 1066Min 10662 måneder siden
  • this video sucks, I would've believed half of these or more, and would've preferred not to see them

    CalebCaleb2 måneder siden
  • 😴😴 *_20 moments of everyday fun you already hear about every week_*

    Mad MikeMad Mike2 måneder siden
  • Most of them are so idiotic, they set themselves up for their demise!

    JonnyTainmentJonnyTainment2 måneder siden