161 | You call those piercings?

2. mai. 2021
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  • Hah xd but bad

    MahzerMahzerTime siden
  • ˘ ̄˘

    DatGreyStatueThoDatGreyStatueTho2 timer siden
  • Pov:ur pain

    xby.wafflexby.waffle3 timer siden
  • Why do I keep clicking on these? I am always disappointed.

    Jason CoxJason Cox6 timer siden
  • Bruh..

    Tesuu ArisatoTesuu Arisato6 timer siden
  • Imagine the smell my guy. Those with big piercings like this will understand.

    Butane JaneButane Jane7 timer siden
  • I'm a robot and 80% of my body is pure metal

    FooFooFooFoo11 timer siden
  • i hate both...

    Siamang apeSiamang ape11 timer siden
  • Why is there a recommended by the channel Fight Child Abuse under this video asking me if I'm okay

    SwampicideSwampicide11 timer siden
  • I am *terrified* :)

    Marie Ysabelle BaylonMarie Ysabelle Baylon12 timer siden
  • Is this piercing real? Im curious

  • this seems like "mine's bigger" joke.

    Ricky DiscordRicky Discord12 timer siden
  • A10C:(pulls out an anti-Ferocious pin) THIS IS A REAL PIERCING

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie14 timer siden
  • You ever see someone just walking around with a barbell as a piercing?

    imafireingmylasarimafireingmylasar15 timer siden
  • Ouch

    RatsaregodsRatsaregods16 timer siden
  • And I thought gauges were bad.

    StarstoneStarstone16 timer siden
  • She is one of the Pains :o

    jupa [Ju]jupa [Ju]17 timer siden
  • You were born with a healthy beautiful body. Let's put tattoos, piercings, junk food in.

    Chi Pa PaChi Pa Pa17 timer siden
  • ....... nipple piercings are disgusting regardless. You should have stopped with your nose but nooooooooooooooo

    Genesis TitaniumGenesis Titanium17 timer siden
  • *dies* *sees this* *dies but in nipple piercing*

    Dragon BlazeDragon Blaze18 timer siden
  • 0:05 Nah

    U One LagnitonU One Lagniton19 timer siden
  • really love the face at 0:10 just like "what on god's spotted ballsack have I just witnessed"

    NameName19 timer siden
  • chick came straight outa naruto

    FatalFatal20 timer siden
  • No, THIS is a real piercing! * proceeds to remove lower face *

    MØRI VÎRŪSMØRI VÎRŪS20 timer siden
  • Four extra holes Sound like a win for me

    H2O RaiderH2O Raider21 time siden
  • Is that... like a brace?

    SlinkySlinky21 time siden
  • This is almost as bad as that guy who ate a kitkat wrapper.

    Dee MaydayDee Mayday22 timer siden
  • Someone likes the tits piercing? I REALLY HATE IT , that ruin every fucking porn! , That is not sexy

    Ike HirasawaIke Hirasawa23 timer siden
  • If pain was a female

    NeverMoreNeverMoreDag siden
  • why do people want piercings? i get ear piercings can be attractive if not over done but... if you want to shove a cylindrical metal object into your body you dont have to make an extra hole for that...

    DarkShadowsX5DarkShadowsX5Dag siden
  • I don't remember clicking on this video. O_o

    Gregory McKenzieGregory McKenzieDag siden
  • The fuck am I watching

    Ethan AtcittyEthan AtcittyDag siden
  • That would be considered like a fracture holder or somethin' like that.

    ElectreKidElectreKidDag siden
  • Now I have several questions

    Gabriel TrujilloGabriel TrujilloDag siden
  • bro tip: use a magnet for faster aquiring

    Ryan MartinezRyan MartinezDag siden
  • Is that shift real

    Jose GomezJose GomezDag siden
  • Piercings are gross in general

    Riley HairRiley HairDag siden
  • Lvl 1 vampire hunter: I did what you said master, but she didn't die! Lvl 99 hunter master: *You idiot! I said stake through the chest, not stake though the breast!*

    josephsherandajosephsherandaDag siden
  • Wow

    Blak3 NikosBlak3 NikosDag siden
  • Theres no way you have a father figure

    MakooshMakooshDag siden
  • This has awoken something

    Anonymous MisnomerAnonymous MisnomerDag siden
  • Imagine someone walking around with a car battery and a monster magnet

    Krimson PotaraKrimson PotaraDag siden
  • okay but like am I the only one who thinks their cool, like if I wasn't gonna get top surgery and those actually existed I would get one :o

    Error 404Error 404Dag siden
  • You like them? Yes!

    DogmaDogmaDag siden
  • A new hole....

    Ethan number C-137Ethan number C-137Dag siden
    • Ah shit it's the 4 hole

      chipschipsDag siden
  • what was she wear ?

    Abdul GhaniAbdul GhaniDag siden
  • Both. Both is good.

    Shaggy's mortal vesselShaggy's mortal vesselDag siden
  • I hate them

    conzef54conzef54Dag siden
  • Imagine someone punches her in the chest and you just hear a loud _CRACK_ .

    Dharmesh MistryDharmesh MistryDag siden
  • Pues a mi si me gusto

    IT's Me Golden AngelIT's Me Golden AngelDag siden
  • “Amateur.”

    Damned BersagliereDamned BersagliereDag siden
  • "women magnet"

    DatBoi TheGudBIASDatBoi TheGudBIASDag siden
  • Ok but why...

    Lian FellixLian FellixDag siden
  • Give her a couple of hydrauluc suspensions along with that stiff sway bar and she'll handle like a dream

    nasi gorengnasi gorengDag siden
  • wait a friggin second, i expected the melons to like leak out

    steamed trainssteamed trainsDag siden
  • Tactical baton

    Edvards KrastiņšEdvards KrastiņšDag siden
  • She’s the girl from the Six Paths of Pain

    AdriaticalAdriaticalDag siden
  • Did u noticed, she just made 2 more holes for 2 people...😏😂

    Piyush DhawanePiyush DhawaneDag siden
  • I usually hate piercings anywhere other than the ears But I like this one... Who could say no to extra holes to play with

  • *Second Girl Achieves Rinnegan* the plot has thicken

    Nabil Zayyan FaiqNabil Zayyan FaiqDag siden
  • Piercings are disgusting

    Chiewie 016Chiewie 016Dag siden
  • so a stab victim just got a failed piercing

    rupertrupertDag siden
  • *ಠ_ಠ*

    The Melon ManThe Melon ManDag siden
  • The bigger the better

    official vegthenxofficial vegthenxDag siden
  • Girls keep getting weirder and weirder

    Soseiki HaragatatsuSoseiki HaragatatsuDag siden
  • I am THE piercing in this universe, how about that Contributing to nothing

    SubhamSubhamDag siden
  • Me: walking around with a drivetrain going through my arm sockets........

    Some_Random_CarSome_Random_CarDag siden
  • Y e s

    emstercoreemstercoreDag siden
  • the only piercing that i approve with is a bullet in the brai-

    AdventureMuffin64AdventureMuffin642 dager siden
  • Am I just the crazy one? I haven’t seen anybody else mention how they now want the second piercing... am I crazy? ✌️😬

    Tetsuro KurooTetsuro Kuroo2 dager siden
  • “Now THIS is a real piercing!” Says the holy crusader, pulling his blade out from the stomach of the heretical.

    ShorkShork2 dager siden
  • I after seeing the video: 😟Just because?

    lmx31lmx312 dager siden
  • That was brilliant

    Oblivion ManOblivion Man2 dager siden
  • Nice

    Benjamin ChristmanBenjamin Christman2 dager siden
  • I'm scared.

    Devin CasebeerDevin Casebeer2 dager siden
  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOL hahaahahahahahaahaha ewww

    Tona chub ChubsTona chub Chubs2 dager siden
  • Wat the

    Ashley CooperAshley Cooper2 dager siden
  • wa de fok...

    Guzza 46Guzza 462 dager siden

    F E D Ø G ØF E D Ø G Ø2 dager siden
  • It's all fun and games till they pull their entire traqae out their mouth

    LoopHole 49LoopHole 492 dager siden
  • "are you an idiot? Why did you get that?"

    Meow riceMeow rice2 dager siden
  • a-

    【Who_am_I】【Who_am_I】2 dager siden
  • This is what I imagine the female path of Pain to have

    Tundra HatakeTundra Hatake2 dager siden
  • kabooba

    rutherfordrutherford2 dager siden
  • Kaboob kabob

    WooHooLadWooHooLad2 dager siden
  • I think the worst part is that someone probably has done this before.

    Chaotic good creationsChaotic good creations2 dager siden
  • ewww

    zock originalzock original2 dager siden
  • Wtffffff

    The Fallen KingThe Fallen King2 dager siden
  • Nice

    Gamma BurstaGamma Bursta2 dager siden
  • W-wtf ;-;

    Your local SiMpYour local SiMp2 dager siden
  • How’d they do that with a hole puncher

    TantzihowTantzihow2 dager siden
  • I guess telepurte is entering that dark place he said he'd be in when porn art would be starting...I forsee some out in the next month or two

    Trevor TammenTrevor Tammen2 dager siden
  • I don't even have titties and this makes me uncomfortable 0:07

    HamsterHamster2 dager siden
  • But what’s the fun in piercings

    Billy BobBilly Bob2 dager siden
  • This is not a pearcing, it is an impaling.. Also, answering your question, yes i loved them!

    Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silvaNatan Mayb Machado gomes da silva2 dager siden
  • that's... kinda hot

    DeadArashiDeadArashi2 dager siden