13 Types of Among Us Players

18. okt.. 2020
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Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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  • Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝

    JianHao TanJianHao TanMåned siden
    • I did

      ujmal ghanujmal ghanDag siden
    • Not i

      salem alhamelisalem alhameli2 dager siden
    • Black

      Kian Lance BernardoKian Lance Bernardo13 dager siden
    • I thought is was Debbie !!!

      Prateeksha AnuragPrateeksha Anurag21 dag siden
    • Black was sus from beginnigg

      AmongUs GamerGurlsAmongUs GamerGurls21 dag siden
  • Rfsg[ris-

    Son NguyenSon Nguyen30 minutter siden
  • Im so confuse debbie said she saw orange vent but the next next round said she saw someone vent then she told them she was color blind hiw could that be possible?!

    Namnam juniorNamnam junior44 minutter siden
  • I love it when ever they say a person is sus they all agree

    iWillTakeTheLiWillTakeTheLTime siden
  • Orange got on my nerves

    Teresa HardyTeresa HardyTime siden
  • Hao is such a good impostor he marinated Kevin like a nice Rib eye steak

    Hydro ScarHydro ScarTime siden
  • In game Hao : crying so much that he has to kill kevin Irl Hao : HAHA YOU BIG NOOB

    Hydro ScarHydro ScarTime siden
  • I like doing tasks in Among Us

    games Worldgames WorldTime siden
  • haha, poor Kevin got killed at the end!

    Slime Is Fun!Slime Is Fun!Time siden
  • I love among us it is the best game ever you did a good job making this video I have watched it 100 times good job

    Isabella MurphyIsabella Murphy2 timer siden
  • I get everybody's phone and type in the code for them

    Leo RamirezLeo Ramirez2 timer siden
  • you forgot the one that fakes tasks but it turns out they’re a crewmate

    Big ManBig Man3 timer siden
  • Everyone goes deaf when you start telling the code

    Knight GuardianKnight Guardian3 timer siden
  • I mean, red is always sus

    AaronAaron3 timer siden
  • 0:21 Tasha: No, there isn't any gardening. Me: There is!

    Nadia DawoodNadia Dawood4 timer siden
  • C’mon Debbie, why didn’t u just run to the button?

    Alvin NguyenAlvin Nguyen4 timer siden
  • Poor fall guys man

    Rainbow CrewmateRainbow Crewmate4 timer siden
  • this is a vid

    mmm424mmm4244 timer siden
  • What happened with Kevin (Yellow) and Jian Hao (Red) is what happend to me yesterday ._.

    Reee ReeeReee Reee4 timer siden
  • 11:42 This is where I started crying.

    Vanja CiricVanja Ciric5 timer siden
  • Fgteee

    Dylan JimenezcapetilloDylan Jimenezcapetillo5 timer siden
  • nice video😁😁😂😆

    Tomas TomTomas Tom5 timer siden
  • Where it said the latecomer was so sad I was a fan of among us and fall guys

    Monserrat GonzalezMonserrat Gonzalez5 timer siden
  • *card swipe in nav* me: wait that’s illegal

    Ratty GamingRatty Gaming5 timer siden
  • When will innersloth know that among us ruin friendships

    Ronn Daeroll TopacioRonn Daeroll Topacio5 timer siden
  • why why why why why

    DayangKu Juma'ahDayangKu Juma'ah5 timer siden
  • It's just a game. It's just a relationship. Bruhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Nishika SharmaNishika Sharma6 timer siden
  • Why are there teeth so gross

    Emma MaeEmma Mae6 timer siden
  • Has to say Jianhoa tan having THE BEST SET AND EDIT IN ALL THE AMONG US IN IRL VIDEO 😊👌🏽👍🏻 Love ur videos and cutie STARRLY 👧🏻

    Priti AgrawalPriti Agrawal6 timer siden
  • Funny fact Jian hoa tan in his other videos sponspered by others games and discussing about the games in part of his video but first time make a video all about a game lol 🤣🤣🤣

    Priti AgrawalPriti Agrawal6 timer siden
  • i was the imposter and won rlly fast

    Samantha PasumbalSamantha Pasumbal6 timer siden
  • Sus level to an among us player *(out of 100)* Red: 475 Orange: 76 Yellow: 0 Lime: 30 Green: 0 Cyan: 0 Blue: 3 Purple: 30 Pink: 57 Brown: 0 Black: 57 White: 0

    Firebolt 67 EducatesFirebolt 67 Educates6 timer siden
    • Lime 15 and Cyan 0.

      ISHFLYISHFLY5 timer siden
  • Lol d-a-d-d-y-7 daddy7 lol!

    Jumpin' JackJumpin' Jack6 timer siden
  • Hello everybody. I hope you are doing well. Remember to wash your hands. Be careful. Even though it's tough right now for everyone, we have to remember it will be good again.

    BlipBlipistBlipBlipist7 timer siden
  • Ft. Avengers. Who is gamora? What is gamora? why is gamora? These people: Who is imposter? What is imposter? why is imposter

    MKhoenix KimMKhoenix Kim7 timer siden
  • I did 🤣

    Fairy DustFairy Dust7 timer siden
  • He’s crazy

    Karim HanyKarim Hany7 timer siden
  • I already know how to play it! Oh and bye the way, that yellow guy in that costume is dum!

    Karim HanyKarim Hany7 timer siden
  • I played this game so much

    Karim HanyKarim Hany7 timer siden
  • Bruh I'm the cam camper I was always in cams and I saw 2 impostors vent and they got voted off

    Stefanie Anne BibitStefanie Anne Bibit7 timer siden
  • Hey u know nav dont have swipe card

    Irwan NgadimanIrwan Ngadiman8 timer siden
  • This is how among us started basically there was an alien who went into the ship and killed one of the crewmates in the crewmate became the imposter and killed everyone else

    Tania Marquez FrancoTania Marquez Franco8 timer siden
  • Betrayal since endgame

    ItzHillmanItzHillman8 timer siden
  • Hao: Why the imposter More like hao the imposter

    Goat hyperGoat hyper8 timer siden
  • Pink was checking the security cameras and she will not imposter

    sandra Palaciossandra Palacios8 timer siden
  • Best NOworldrs ❤️

    xX_ShAdOw_Wolf _XxxX_ShAdOw_Wolf _Xx8 timer siden
  • Better question: How is the imposter?

    Lily Was HereLily Was Here8 timer siden
  • -1616 , 176

    Mary TrinhMary Trinh9 timer siden
  • Among us lore as a Horror Story: Red: Piloting Off Ground 10 Seconds *Lights Go Out Due To WiFi* Blue: Hold On I will Fix it Pink: Me Too *The Aliens Which had Hid on the ship Steal there identity And Eat Them* *The Fake Come Back* Yellow: Sorry Guys I Had To Bring My kids to the Space ships Nursery *Blue Kills Green* *Reds Child Sees it all Before Committing suicide* *Yellow dies Did To Unknown Circumstances* *Dead Body Reported* Red: Yellow Died At Navigations! Yellows Son Cries as His Friends try to Comfort Him Red: I say We Vote Pink She Was not with us The Whole Time! *Pink Was an Imposter* They Land at Mira HQ 100 Likes and I will finish All Chapters and Make It scarier And More like reality

    Inferno PlayzInferno Playz9 timer siden
  • Bro remember you ily I don’t even know how I forgot about you

    Txt On crackTxt On crack9 timer siden
  • The Quality of these videos are so goood!!!!!

    Amer Bajri ツAmer Bajri ツ9 timer siden
  • Kevin and Hao : Swiping Card Behind them : NaVigATioN

    Nature LoverNature Lover11 timer siden
  • Im crying right now😣😣

    Zhyre Robert James dela CruzZhyre Robert James dela Cruz11 timer siden
  • Where is pei shi on the real world?

    SpanccSpancc11 timer siden
  • Top 10 anime betrayels

    xDiLosexDiLose12 timer siden
  • vincent said "play time is over" me:among us is a game i was confused lol

    Danielle GrioDanielle Grio12 timer siden
  • 6 min avengers endgame part

    gamer rientsgamer rients12 timer siden
  • A

    GD_ViperGD_Viper12 timer siden
  • Who wants the whole team play the real game of among us? meeee

    Michi ChanMichi Chan12 timer siden
  • 10:08 So In navigation there is a task called swipe card.Anyway let's give it a try And I'm not a hater of Jian hao tan please don't spam

    A.D.S GamingA.D.S Gaming13 timer siden
  • $(

    Belinda NicholasBelinda Nicholas13 timer siden
  • Trevs cry brings me so much memories

    FrostyFrosty13 timer siden
  • My best among us player ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Part 2pleeeeeeeeeeees

    Roza LahzaRoza Lahza14 timer siden
  • Can u guys do part 2 plz plz

  • This didn't make sense in some seens like it said Vincent was not the imposter but in your real life thing it had 2 imposters and grace was not the imposter so they should have voted out black

    VIBS OPVIBS OP15 timer siden
  • I love how Tasha doesn't get annoyed so easily.

    Geogra ExpertsGeogra Experts15 timer siden
  • Red:vouch for yellow 5 secends later red kills yellow

    Jessie WongJessie Wong15 timer siden
  • I hate everybody in the server

    nevan rosenevan rose15 timer siden
  • I can sooooo relate to the host impression

    Pat PlaysPat Plays16 timer siden
  • 3:13 due the way he said 7 I was holding me juice I laughed so hard I dropped it. 😂

    Criinq SoulCriinq Soul16 timer siden
  • I don’t know what is fall guys.

    Nhu TranNhu Tran16 timer siden
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaa i love among us but i love love to

    Gisela VGisela V16 timer siden
  • ORANGE: you guys are not being logical BLACK: Orange your not being logical ME: you all are not being logical uwu

    Gaming With KlaireGaming With Klaire16 timer siden
  • you need a pet for cute pet's but u need real money

    Miles TobiasMiles Tobias16 timer siden
  • The ending will explain why I don't play popular games

    Meghna KatakMeghna Katak16 timer siden
  • I enjoyed and it’s nice video, I also enjoyed hot chocolate

    JDBYTSTAR _2006JDBYTSTAR _200616 timer siden
  • When Jianhao was killing kevin it was so emotional I literally cryed

    Parnika GuttulaParnika Guttula17 timer siden
    • Me too

      mini moonmini moon8 timer siden
  • Doesn’t Potter show me kill us so they can win but if the pot is a class DW can keep the crewmates win so I think this game is really fun and he has a friendship lead it and I can’t find Anamanaguchi Somisomi then he report the body and then he played me what

    Tyra LittletonTyra Littleton17 timer siden
  • I play among us all the time and every day

    Michael BarbosaMichael Barbosa17 timer siden
  • Omg

    Danny TrussDanny Truss17 timer siden
  • The other two didn’t even call a meeting

    Scar CScar C18 timer siden
  • Omg

    Scar CScar C18 timer siden

    The Roblox GamerThe Roblox Gamer18 timer siden
  • Debbie knows nothing

    Scar CScar C18 timer siden
  • 4th

    Scar CScar C18 timer siden
  • That third one totally

    Scar CScar C18 timer siden
  • Just because of the task doesn't mean u can win vincent is to ugly and stupid

    Miss Milky_XxcookieMiss Milky_Xxcookie18 timer siden
  • ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Kasiya SummerlinKasiya Summerlin19 timer siden
  • Is soo sad we you cry hao and thr music is sad to and the face

    Zhyre Robert James dela CruzZhyre Robert James dela Cruz19 timer siden
  • Blue is right orange is stupid

    Crystal playsCrystal plays19 timer siden
  • Hi

    Ava AntochAva Antoch20 timer siden
  • damn red marinated yellow badly

    Fluxzendo ??Fluxzendo ??20 timer siden
  • This is so sad kevin was kolled

    Shiqin SauchinaShiqin Sauchina20 timer siden
  • 10:04 I love how he is doing card swipe in Navigation.

    FandangoRango YTFandangoRango YT20 timer siden
  • Trev- it is just a game Abbey-then it is just a relationship

    Asmita and abhi's lifestyleAsmita and abhi's lifestyle21 time siden

    Peyton LavitPeyton Lavit21 time siden
  • 1:51

    Critical YoshiCritical Yoshi21 time siden
  • You guys offended my opinion with fall guys, fall guys is one of my favorite games I’m unsubscribing

    Leo’s Daily VlogsLeo’s Daily Vlogs21 time siden
    • Jk

      Leo’s Daily VlogsLeo’s Daily Vlogs21 time siden
  • Fact: it’s black

    Gamer AshGamer Ash21 time siden