12 Engineering Mistakes That Turned Out Not to Be Fails

7. april. 2020
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Not every finished product resembles the blueprint it was based on. Sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes plans have to be changed. Often, an engineer will finish creating something only to realize that there’s a big problem with their design - one that they never thought of before they started building! Sometimes a mistake like this will doom a construction project completely, but other times they’ll turn out to be happy little accidents - like all the incredible engineering calculations you’re about to see in this video!
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  • Planes taxi or fly, they don't drive

    Douglas BellDouglas BellDag siden
  • you forgot to mention that the slab of marble that fell killed a baby

    Doolin DoHDoH BiRDSDoolin DoHDoH BiRDSDag siden
  • bruh. imagine landing on that strip

    mospidasmospidas2 dager siden
  • 2:05 - Unforeseeable? A curved glass building reflecting light is as predictable as sunrise.

    RussellRussell6 dager siden
  • With the 'nail' houses in China. To force people to move the Chinese Goverment will turn off water and power to the house.

    KebsKebs9 dager siden
  • Very correct!

  • The amaco building (Aon) in Chicago was reclad in granite, not marble. Marble was originally used because the wife of the architect (Stone) insisted on it, because she thought marble was beautiful.

    Timmy MTimmy M18 dager siden
  • If your in a train then you will never see a plane or aeroplane driving towards you at top speed. Fuck man that’s such a basic error that I can’t believe anything you say. Basically an aeroplane may be lined up on the runway but it isn’t allowed to take off or even start to move until the entire runway is clear and for the Boeing 737 aircraft they even have rules for the train being a certain bistable past the side of the runway based on screen height. Your a joker. Also there is no land shortage. Have you been there or looked at Google maps? The place is small is but it’s also 90% empty. Your a loser.

    Danielle RileyDanielle Riley25 dager siden
  • All of these ARE fails

    Backpacker BipBackpacker Bip26 dager siden
  • Most of these are fails.

    quasidiem99quasidiem9927 dager siden
  • Mistakes not Mistakes

    James PyngropeJames Pyngrope28 dager siden
  • The one thing most all these have in common is the Government’s were involved. People worldwide need to start reigning these fools in. Government works for the people not the other way around.

    Wymer’s Handy Man ServiceWymer’s Handy Man Service29 dager siden
  • Lol I can't believe China people have freedom 😅

    hari bhurahari bhura29 dager siden
  • This video chilled for 1 year until NOworld decided to put it in our recommended list

    eian is qteian is qtMåned siden
  • 9:42 u fucking bastard. What does it mean, it should be made more reliable if being used by humans. What about other living creatures. Only humans live on earth?

    Preet PatelPreet PatelMåned siden
  • 8:51 who knew two of the famous engineering mistakes are next to each other.

    ManonsilvermountainManonsilvermountainMåned siden
  • When architects drops out during final year in college 😅

    Vignesh M SurieVignesh M SurieMåned siden
  • Climbing domes??? Doesn't sound very entertaining... Especially when kids today have video games.

    Todd AmtmannTodd AmtmannMåned siden
  • You miss of course the olympic stadium of Montreal The inclined tower was not finished at the opening ceremony, the roof was and is still a big controversy in this city, the cost of this building was tripled !

    M LM LMåned siden
  • Oh my !!!! I love how the owners of those chinese houses don't give up and the consequence is that the chinese authorities don't care and build all around. If this is not both way to intimidate each other, what is it ?

    M LM LMåned siden

    Derek arsenaultDerek arsenaultMåned siden
  • Speaking of Chongqing, there's the Gate Tower building in Osaka where a freeway interchange passes through it without touching the structure. Result of land dispute with the property holder and negotiations.

    LunaTwi01LunaTwi01Måned siden
  • sooo fails that were repaired

    constantin barbuconstantin barbuMåned siden
  • "...set a carpet in a neighbouring building on fire..." It actually scorched a doormat. "...melted the roof of a luxury car..." Spot temperature readings at street-level including up to 91 °C (196 °F) and 117 °C (243 °F) were observed during summer 2013, when the reflection of a beam of light up to six times brighter than direct sunlight shining onto the streets beneath damaged parked vehicles. 117 °C would only melt the roof of a "luxury vehicle" if it was made of chocolate, or some other low-melting point material. Even sugar for making toffee get hotter than that at around 150 °C!

    Allan WatsonAllan WatsonMåned siden
  • Like our lord Bob Ross said: There are no mistakes just happy little accidents.

    AurioriumAurioriumMåned siden
  • Ask a mechanic what they think about engineers lol

    smeutr1smeutr12 måneder siden
  • You're worried about the sanitation of a Trian traveling a few inches above fruits and veggies but not of any thing else coming in contact in an Asian street market in the time after the Chinavirus? How stupid!

    John DoeJohn Doe2 måneder siden
  • You need to research your videos better, and shorten the fluffy intros.

    Andrea Nicole PackardAndrea Nicole Packard2 måneder siden
  • For the first one, if New Zealand has atc similar to the USA, then that's probably why. ATC in the states (at least the busier airports) have to regularly have planes taking off back to back. Sometimes multiple airplanes are on the same runway taking off. This could be why if they force the trains to alert when they are closing in.

    The gamer's leagueThe gamer's league2 måneder siden
  • Thats a crappy play thing.. a metal dome

    Julius RabenJulius Raben2 måneder siden
  • Easy to se he was slso a fine shipsarchitecht in Denmark

    Hasse G. EkströmHasse G. Ekström2 måneder siden
  • Sounds like a bunch of money laundering scams!

    Lorenzo B.Lorenzo B.2 måneder siden
  • That's CRAZY! My mind is blown by all that I saw!

    A1441A14412 måneder siden
  • In Berlin there is a building through which a (I think) 4 lane highway runs

    Christian BleyChristian Bley2 måneder siden
  • The Walkie Talkie building is fucking stupid. Fuck England anyways.... Ahhhh man I'm sorry England. Sorry for taking it all out on you. You didn't do anything to deserve it. It's just that I hate Simon Whistler. I gotta stop associating him with all of England since I'm pretty sure other people live there too. So yeah. I'm sorry other people.

    supernaturalterror 420supernaturalterror 4202 måneder siden
  • It's not a bug, it's a feature.

    Vitor BarretoVitor Barreto3 måneder siden
  • 5:52 I call that the worlds largest ps4

    XanityXanity3 måneder siden
  • Why don't the planes start the takeoff by where the train tracks is? Wouldn't that prevent any accidents from possibly happening?

    John FritzJohn Fritz3 måneder siden
  • It's a wonder that China don't just evict those stubborn ass people lol I mean they're authoritarian af anyways.

    R69NiXR69NiX3 måneder siden
  • Why is this dude so scared of trains

    Chapter 7 CertifiedChapter 7 Certified3 måneder siden
  • Issue with this title is that most of these issues aren't engineering fails at all. They're architectural...

    Jon-Marc BootheJon-Marc Boothe3 måneder siden
  • "melted the roof of a luxury car" praxis

    ǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreenǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreen3 måneder siden
  • 7:10 "inviseged"

    Blue FurrBlue Furr3 måneder siden
  • 4:43 "OH MY GOD A CROSSING WITH NO BARRIERS?! WOOOOOW" Come on man, that's common here in Argentina and it's not an "engineering mistake" same thing goes for the mistake after that

    AbsurdDiveAbsurdDive3 måneder siden
  • Too bad they didn't spot signs of Boeing on the twin towers

    Stal94Stal943 måneder siden
  • "... used for internal flights or flights to Australia." I do not understand. Why did you repeat yourself?

    Tim SviridovTim Sviridov3 måneder siden
  • The engineers must be drunk.

    Mr. PopoMr. Popo3 måneder siden
  • Wait! A home owner in China has more rights than one in the United States? Here in the US, they will just declare eminent domain, force you to take market value, and throw you out by force if necessary.

    David MansfieldDavid Mansfield3 måneder siden
  • Okay, please tell me.... Is that Jon Cryer narrating? Sure sounds like him.

  • Greetings from Baku)

    Shamil MammadovShamil Mammadov4 måneder siden
  • So in China you can actually say no to the government and mean it? Wow, the west is not that tolerant.

    Jean de La FontaineJean de La Fontaine4 måneder siden
  • China sounds more respectful of they're people's homes then the USA🤔 maybe someone is lying to us and it's better over there and we're not as free and protected as we think!

    Joshua MurrayJoshua Murray4 måneder siden
  • 12:19 trains often pass through buildings called “train stations” without causing structural damage.

    TokyoXtremeTokyoXtreme4 måneder siden
    • Berlin did this too at an u bahn station The house is most likely not physically connected to the station

      burger pommesburger pommes2 måneder siden
  • Hanoi has Train Street which is a market of cafes where the goes through a few feet from the coffee stalls. It's a popular destination, and thriving market.

    Mark HoltebeckMark Holtebeck4 måneder siden
  • Does anybody know from what movie that scene is where the guy burns his arm in the car?

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash5 måneder siden
  • Train vs plain.. Lol Train wins 😅

    Bogdan RadosavcevBogdan Radosavcev5 måneder siden
  • The hoc wish intraoperatively smile because texture phylogenitically drop except a callous watchmaker. curious, needy clock

    John SmithJohn Smith5 måneder siden
  • This is what happens when people mistake design for aesthetics!

    Jaldeep TipleJaldeep Tiple5 måneder siden
  • Not one of those clips warrents the title given to this video 😂

    Priest Town GraffitiPriest Town Graffiti5 måneder siden
  • The glass on the “walkietalkie” was also changed so no you can’t get a decent claim in.... I’ve already tried 🤣

    Yep.Yep.5 måneder siden
  • If you look closely, most of the projects over budget and behind schedule projects were public sector projects. Most private sector projects would just go bankrupt and unbuilt, but only the Government will continue to fund the loss making projects coz F*** the taxpayers. You shitty people don't deserve your income.

    Ajinkya TawareAjinkya Taware5 måneder siden
  • Yet another video with a miss leading title should have been called fails that people got used to

    Michael SutherlandMichael Sutherland5 måneder siden
  • That’s not in Boston it’s in Chicago (the John Hancock tower)

    Santiago MendezSantiago Mendez5 måneder siden
  • nice content... might need to work out the title to fit more just like all the other comments here...

    Chadx MChadx M5 måneder siden
  • The only street market you've got to have steel-TOE- boots!

    Louis EdwardsLouis Edwards5 måneder siden
  • Completely mistitled.

    P. Jan KrojcerP. Jan Krojcer5 måneder siden
  • okay the story about that hwy that gets crossed by a train, it isnt unique. because while there are indicators, the same thing exists in Eastern Canada. A Hwy with a 110 kmph speed limit, has a 'level' rail crossing. the story goes it isnt used much, but still.

    karistasogarekaristasogare5 måneder siden
  • 11:13 Millenium bridge in London had similar issues when it comes to accounting for the foot traffic.

    craigcarter400craigcarter4005 måneder siden
  • 5:35 I think Wuhan market has a chance to overtake this one as being the most dangerous.

    craigcarter400craigcarter4005 måneder siden
  • I just wanted to point out that at 6:26 that’s the John Hancock Building in Chicago

    ChicagoMax2334ChicagoMax23345 måneder siden
  • Too many of the visuals are just random clips that do not belong in the stories, making the who this appear contrived !

    brip13brip135 måneder siden
  • On line study's

    shahin munshishahin munshi5 måneder siden
  • This title doesn’t even make sense

    Justin KingJustin King5 måneder siden
  • You used footage of the John Hancock building in Chicago instead of the smaller and lesser building in Boston.

    jd mchughjd mchugh6 måneder siden
  • In my experience architects only care about their egos

    jonny5777jonny57776 måneder siden
  • Welcome to the internet

    Owen CaranayOwen Caranay6 måneder siden
  • Vid is full of inaccuracies, errors and fuckups on the part of the NOworldr, so click on. You’re welcome.

    KBKB6 måneder siden
  • Failure is success in progress -Shazistic

    ShazisticShazistic6 måneder siden
  • Elliott's law violated. Dislikes are more than 10% of likes. Video not worth watching

    slowmoe1964slowmoe19646 måneder siden
  • thats a rule of thumb, stick to concrete

    Manal AlmasriManal Almasri6 måneder siden
  • rather be in the train then the plane lol

    chris zagchris zag6 måneder siden
  • "But others times hteyll turn out to be happy little accidents" *shows picture of bridge literally split in half*

    Darth VaderDarth Vader7 måneder siden
  • كوبري السيسي هيكون في الفيديو الجاية

    Mostafa A5Mostafa A57 måneder siden
  • Software Engineers have entered the chat.

    Gaurav SharmaGaurav Sharma7 måneder siden
  • Didn’t they replace the glass on that building that was setting fires?

    RODley PumpkinsRODley Pumpkins7 måneder siden
  • "Walkie-talkie Tower" Goes on about wind vortex, legit just showed a video in Russia, and not in London from the WT tower... by far the worst video factually going by other comments too...

    David ChalmersDavid Chalmers7 måneder siden
  • 9:05 this looks like the twin towers And parts falling down? This can't be a coincedence

    pizza 47pizza 477 måneder siden
  • How can the london building possibly not be a FAIL?!!! Hahahaaahaha omg

    Henrique Muniz de Castro e SilvaHenrique Muniz de Castro e Silva7 måneder siden
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    hi. jonathanhi. jonathan7 måneder siden
  • Architecture should be a major for Civil engineering, there would much more study and consideration before deciding to build something based on looks rather than engineering design...

    Pedro OrjuelaPedro Orjuela7 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Jordan JiangJordan Jiang7 måneder siden
  • This guy speaks so clearly that the NOworld auto generated subtitles aren't even wrong

    That JJBA loving railfanThat JJBA loving railfan7 måneder siden
  • 5:22 the vietnamese guy who sings 45, 46 , 47

    Anziyity -TopicAnziyity -Topic7 måneder siden
  • Way too many things go on in life. If you hardly go out and just make the internet your world, you may lose your local mind, forever.

    A AA A7 måneder siden
  • Hopefully this does not repeat

    dipti CHAVANdipti CHAVAN7 måneder siden
  • Which background music is used at 12.03?

    Hardik agheraHardik aghera7 måneder siden

    hola hola #_#hola hola #_#7 måneder siden
  • 6:55 That video is not of the Jon Hancock Tower, is is of a tower swaying due to an Earthquake in Tokyo. Do some actual research before you make these videos

    Tushar SundarkaTushar Sundarka7 måneder siden

    Tushar SundarkaTushar Sundarka7 måneder siden
  • I like how this is a video about mistakes and the architects and contractors at the beginning were pretty much all women lol.

    Ching ChongChing Chong7 måneder siden