100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge

20. jan.. 2021
3 711 825 Ganger

100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge with Preston 👊
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  • If you could create ANY tool in Minecraft, what would it be?! Subscribe and let me know! 💪

    PrestonPrestonMåned siden
    • I would build a Netherite pick to mine diamonds and netherite

      Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget7 dager siden
    • Hi preston

      THE MADDOG'STHE MADDOG'S11 dager siden
    • I heve any idea

      Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez14 dager siden
    • Really big non mod bombs

      Robert ClarkRobert Clark23 dager siden
    • Chainsaw

      Shawn BankstonShawn Bankston28 dager siden
  • 100 layer Crying opsidian vs 100 layer iron block

    Toko FrezebontangToko Frezebontang53 minutter siden
  • What is chase suppossed to be

    Dead_Soul2010Dead_Soul2010Time siden
  • Oooo real diamond He rich

    boom bomb channelboom bomb channelTime siden
  • Rip money 100 diamonds minerals

    Banana CatBanana Cat3 timer siden
  • I love your videos Preston There amazing and super funny

    The Hatcher famThe Hatcher fam5 timer siden
  • Chase is super mean and I hate him but I do like Preston

    Maine PetaMaine Peta6 timer siden
  • Lol you sting all of just Dustin but chad 3 thag

    Casey StokerCasey Stoker12 timer siden
  • How do you get all these ideas!?!?!

    Calvin BlockerCalvin Blocker13 timer siden
  • Plz play undertale🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Calvin BlockerCalvin Blocker13 timer siden
  • I love your channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Calvin BlockerCalvin Blocker13 timer siden
  • On your gaming channel!

    Calvin BlockerCalvin Blocker13 timer siden
  • Hey preston you should play undertale!

    Calvin BlockerCalvin Blocker13 timer siden
  • That is fake lava

    Leon Kempner jrLeon Kempner jr14 timer siden
  • Diamond

    Amelia RasczykAmelia Rasczyk17 timer siden
  • It would be an eff 5 netherite pick

    roshna dahal acharyaroshna dahal acharya19 timer siden
  • 0:25,0:55,0:56,4:37,6:09,6:46,7:36,7:43,7:45,7:56,7:57

    Savior SpartaSavior Sparta19 timer siden
  • 100 layers of...poopLol

    Marlen PenaMarlen Pena20 timer siden
  • Next do bedrock

    Wolf the black127 _Wolf the black127 _20 timer siden
  • next do 100 layers of slime

    SlimeBoi 125SlimeBoi 12520 timer siden
  • Me: sees Preston break diamonds :/ Me:wen i see Preston break books :)))))))) sulutes

    Bam DimaporoBam Dimaporo20 timer siden
  • 5:18 slingshot be like: *uno reverse card for u*

    r0blox 4rs3nal pr0r0blox 4rs3nal pr020 timer siden
  • Bed rock

    Sam BroganSam Brogan22 timer siden
  • Bruh you really do this stuff not trying to be rude

    Till lyncchTill lyncch23 timer siden
  • when i saw the diamond i thougth it was lapis

    Winda ArtWinda ArtDag siden
  • i love minecraft

    Kennnard yoriswanKennnard yoriswanDag siden
  • Dang that’s just a big mess

    Brian DawidowskiBrian DawidowskiDag siden
  • Did any body notice the stain on chases sweater?

    Bailey GossBailey GossDag siden
  • 7:40 this is fine

    Playful Panda♡Playful Panda♡Dag siden
  • Personally I’m your favourite you tuber I said hi and say hi to your girlfriend say hi to everyone I wish I live in your city but I live in London so yes I pushed it by

    Steven HarmanSteven HarmanDag siden
  • I would choose diamond sword

    Leslie CookLeslie CookDag siden
  • break bedrock in real life!

    Sana ManjiSana ManjiDag siden
  • it will be like a big canon

    zhao vickyzhao vickyDag siden
  • How do you all these materials?????

    Paul YoumanPaul YoumanDag siden
  • Sorry I meant famous

    jphradyjphradyDag siden
  • Preston when I was in school I had an assignment that says how fouls you are!

    jphradyjphradyDag siden
  • The thing that they used in the slingshot: My brother got me a pink one of those when he was on his mission

    Azure's WorldAzure's WorldDag siden
  • 0:02 nice lie that is fake sapphire I can tell because gems have impurities and the thumbnail showed walls not ores so this is clickbait thank me later.

    TurtleboyofficialTurtleboyofficialDag siden
  • 0:54 this is like an glitched

    Reven FornalizaReven FornalizaDag siden
  • I got a challenge for prestonplayz What takes longer to break 250 layers of granite or 100 layer of diamond

    Mosnu miahMosnu miahDag siden
  • Hmm break upsidion

    Przemyslaw Mikolaj WroblewskiPrzemyslaw Mikolaj WroblewskiDag siden
  • 🖥⌚️📱💻⌨️💎💰💵💴💶🧲🗡⛓🛩🚁🚊🚀🛰🛥🛸🏰

    Dzelane SaciriDzelane SaciriDag siden
  • 100

    Queen PascuaQueen PascuaDag siden
  • tnt

    Nadine SamuelNadine Samuel2 dager siden
  • Iron block

    Dare Devil BoyDare Devil Boy2 dager siden
  • Hey preston is that real lava?

    Isaac Xu ChenIsaac Xu Chen2 dager siden
  • 7:59 bruh

    BL473BL4732 dager siden
  • THE Teacher seas read books kids say dstroy books

    Denis fan mark RyanDenis fan mark Ryan2 dager siden
  • qooop !!!!!!!!!!!

    Martin BabakhanMartin Babakhan2 dager siden
    • ? ? ? ? ? ? !

      Martin BabakhanMartin Babakhan2 dager siden
    • okk

      Martin BabakhanMartin Babakhan2 dager siden
  • Reston next time pick a number one through one 1 billion because I got 500 million

    Connor MadrilConnor Madril2 dager siden
  • so crasy ha ha and funny ha ha ha

    Kayla GonzalezKayla Gonzalez2 dager siden
  • subscribe and like and turn on notifications

    nasser lootahnasser lootah2 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but I don’t have enough money to buy your Murch if I did I would buy song

    Vortex ConnerVortex Conner3 dager siden
  • Use the infinity gotlet

    silverfoxsilverfox3 dager siden
  • Can you make a Roblox video an add me Thursday

    Jacob PlayzJacob Playz3 dager siden
  • I hate books destroy them haha >:)

  • Do bricks with all your money in it

    Michaela MoodleyMichaela Moodley3 dager siden
  • Preston🧡

    MaryJane PascualMaryJane Pascual3 dager siden
  • Unlocked Gg atrought (aka the gatling gun by preston) Custom Into the dead2 reference

    MagiafolfwareYTMagiafolfwareYT3 dager siden
  • Un

    Rikke LundRikke Lund3 dager siden
  • Destroy iron

    koya rigdaokoya rigdao3 dager siden
  • Emerals pls thats my favorite color

    James DeguzmanJames Deguzman4 dager siden
  • I am your worst hater why do you have to choke unspeakable 😡😡😡

    RealReal4 dager siden
  • I asked alexa to pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and i got 642

    rustygamingrustygaming4 dager siden
  • Your dead

    Suzette HillSuzette Hill4 dager siden
  • hey Preston can you mine a gold

    Eddy 1788Eddy 17884 dager siden
  • Diamond sword is so cool

    Kizel SalazarKizel Salazar4 dager siden
  • 7:50 ladies and gentelemen do not do this at home

    kyrie mendezkyrie mendez5 dager siden
  • That is a lapis

    roblox_27 karlroblox_27 karl5 dager siden
  • Did he just eat a book?! -_-

    Linda NeufeldLinda Neufeld5 dager siden
  • Hi

    Unicorn kitty BriannaUnicorn kitty Brianna5 dager siden
  • Preston make another NOworld video that you're gonna break 100 layers of Minecraft mega

    Jonh NorochaJonh Norocha5 dager siden
  • Are this real diamonds

  • do you play Roblox i do and it is fun

    Shannon KitchenShannon Kitchen5 dager siden
  • 🤣😄😝😛

    Rochelle AquinoRochelle Aquino5 dager siden
  • in the next video i would like to break 100 layers of tnt

    Kryštof VítekKryštof Vítek5 dager siden
  • Nether rock

    Daniel MangsatDaniel Mangsat5 dager siden
  • Diamond from Myanmer

    Bhone Min ThantBhone Min Thant5 dager siden
  • Diamonds/gold/iron/chain/leather lairs

    Nuvesh PatilNuvesh Patil6 dager siden
  • 100 layers of houses lol jk 100 layers of water

    NotEnderManNotEnderMan6 dager siden
  • :O is that real diamond?!

    PhoenixPhoenix6 dager siden
  • 8:03 nice face

    Maximiliano CamposMaximiliano Campos6 dager siden
  • I want you to build bedrock

    Aiden TemirAiden Temir6 dager siden

    Fireburst FamilyFireburst Family6 dager siden
  • 0:55 and 0:56 PRESTON & CLAIR EXE

    Jeha HeyaJeha Heya6 dager siden
  • WAIT i am what i eat im Not a tree

    Adrian SilverAdrian Silver6 dager siden
  • Hit that like boten

    Christy JoeChristy Joe6 dager siden
  • 100 layers of the new coming copper and ice

    Roland SpurgeonRoland Spurgeon6 dager siden
  • But I’m not trying to be toxic

    Jacob AaronJacob Aaron6 dager siden
  • Do you know just dustin

    itz parkchopsitz parkchops6 dager siden
  • At 2:19 Your playing Undertale

    John maxin FloresJohn maxin Flores6 dager siden
  • You are so coolllllllll

    Aradia LucierAradia Lucier6 dager siden
  • This video needs more likes like 10000000000000000000quad

    ThE sOdA PoPThE sOdA PoP6 dager siden
  • You should get bedrok

    Nui GordonNui Gordon7 dager siden
  • 7:36 this is like a firework minigun

    DK Pacifix1502DK Pacifix15027 dager siden
  • Or bedrock

    Huang ChinHuang Chin7 dager siden
  • How about obsidian

    Huang ChinHuang Chin7 dager siden
  • Preston seeing JustDustin 100 layer videos "I must replicate this in the walmart version."

    TotallyNotWorTotallyNotWor7 dager siden
  • You wonder why diamond are expensive Preston:... sorry not sorry

    Nikesha DavisNikesha Davis7 dager siden
  • ☠️🇧🇾☺️👆♎💣💪🔆🆕🤣♎👍👍👌

    devin dodgsondevin dodgson7 dager siden