10 Year Old Kid MANE vs 10 Year Old Kid KEVIN DE BRUYNE.. AMAZING Football Competition

21. aug.. 2020
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10 Year Old Kid MANE vs 10 Year Old Kid KEVIN DE BRUYNE.. AMAZING Football Competition
FUN Kids football challenge, a premier league football competition called football Olympics where some of the best football teams in the EPL go head to head in a football comeptition & the winners get a big prize like football boots. Kevin De Bruyne & Sadio mane (liverpool) (man city) go against each other with amazing football skills
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kids premier league football competition / football tournament, where amazing football skills are shwon off, winner of the soccer match / soccer game wins a big prize


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    • I which we had stuffs like this in Nigeria 😞

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    • @Vixefy are you a youtuber

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    • Why no Chelsea

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  • Let’s go Liverpool

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  • mancity love

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  • No manchester united😂😂 perfect👌👌👌

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  • Coming from an ex footballer i just wanna tell you bro that what your doing here is so awesome. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole video. It really made my day. Seeing young footballers loving what they do brings joy to my heart. Good stuff mate 💯

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  • This is so suspenseful

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  • This guy should be on 4m

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  • Guys fun fact about global some of them play for big academy's like MAN Utd etc

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  • southhampton kids seem depressed

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  • Are we not going to talk about that foul at 18:40?

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  • Liverpool is the best I hate all the other teams

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  • Apply your day off

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  • Everton's big boy is Pele

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  • Bro this is intense bro your yt growing so fast ur beast yt in history

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  • I watched this full video with smiling

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  • No foul coz he slippet

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  • And i know im gonna do this and i know im gonna win

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  • And Kylan/kid Ronaldo

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  • Dude the kids are going sick when they celebrate

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  • kids are ballers

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  • best part of the video the kids: OoOooooOOooOOoOOOo

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  • Southampton can crush arsenal 5-0

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  • Epic video watched it many times throughout lockdowns Make ur videos better by saying lfc is the best city is a pile of doodoo

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  • 30:32 kid : “yes yes let’s go man” 😂

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    Michael JordanovMichael JordanovMåned siden
  • I play soccer and that was not a foul his back foot slipped

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