10 Strangest Engines of All Time

13. jan.. 2019
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MOST UNUSUAL AND INTERESTING ENGINES. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first internal combustion engine in 1872 by American George Brayton. Since then there have been a lot of new engine designs, and even some so crazy that people said they would never even work. Some of these engines are super rare and unusual, so if you’re a gearhead and you love cars and engines, then buckle up and check out the most unusual engines!

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    MAD LABMAD LAB2 år siden
    • Do you actually check any facts? No you really don't.

      Stephen BrookesStephen BrookesMåned siden
    • You sound a lot like the rubber.

      Everything That existsEverything That existsMåned siden
    • "It is Not Weak to Value Life !" - Rayden.

      Helpful SysopsHelpful Sysops2 måneder siden
    • @gfcgamer Orgone xXxv8zzzzzG8g/ //

      Ron corbittRon corbitt4 måneder siden
    • You are so wrong with so much of this ?. Did you study at Trump university ? 😐

      Lance McLarenLance McLaren8 måneder siden
  • Good to see diffrent type of engines👌

    krishna kumarkrishna kumarDag siden
  • Sorry, the caddie 4/6/8 engine deactivated cylinders by leaving valves CLOSED not open!! Piston ran in a vacuum.

    Russell MooneyhamRussell Mooneyham8 dager siden
  • So a VR6 or a plain old flat 6 are stranger than the Deltic engine. O…kay. 🙄

    Roland SiekerRoland Sieker10 dager siden
  • Was invented by...

    Matthias WeweringMatthias Wewering12 dager siden
  • Anyone know what happened with the Duke engine?

    Roy LedfordRoy Ledford14 dager siden
  • I love my 2003 gti VR6 24V is definitely a drivers car, not too powerful but plenty to have some fun on the back roads and it drives amazing... a little heavy tho and they sound the best try to change my mind

    walter gwalter g14 dager siden
  • Look-in “; Explore “for the full development of the invention of the engine by A Belgian inventor, enhanced by Otto and later Benz. The real inventors were European.

    William R BuchananWilliam R Buchanan19 dager siden
  • The internal combustion engine was invented by Frenchman JJ Etienne Leno it in 1859 and not an American as this site claims. If you ask the average American: Who was first to fly across the Atlantic non stop or Who invened television, radio, the steam Engine, Radar, telephone, The World Wide Web,, Sonar, The Computer, the cat scan, the First Jet, engine, the first jet airliner, the first nuclear power station etc, they would most likely say America when in fact all were invented by Brits. The point to this comment is Why lie?

    Trever McdonaldTrever Mcdonald20 dager siden
  • Have you looked at the K cycle engine, Developed in Winnipeg by a guy named Kristenson. The U of Manitoba engineering Dept. had a couple of Ford Granadas powered by this engine. It had 16 horizintally opposed pistons that where on rollers and ran around cams at either end of the engine. No valves, one spark plug and was said to have fuel burn efficiency of 90%. and was so smooth you could stand a bolt on the casing at full revs and it would not vibrate off. I saw a prototype running on compressed air to show how it operated, it looked like to waste paper baskets end to end and about the same size. It was rumoured that everything was bought up by one of the car companies and it never got into production. I think it was back in the 70s or 80s.

    Bryan CollingwoodBryan Collingwood20 dager siden
  • The first commercially successful internal combustion engine was created by Étienne Lenoir around 1860, and the first modern internal combustion engine was created in 1876 by Nicolaus Otto! No Americans near neither of them...

    theQu4lmtheQu4lm22 dager siden
  • That 5 cylinder looked like it worked off just 1 spark plug. Changing the plug more often will likely be the least of its troubles.

    Michael BravoMichael Bravo22 dager siden
  • Germans laughing when hearing volkswagen

    mackie pinedamackie pineda22 dager siden
  • In 1974, The Cadillac 500 CU engine put out 210 horse power. The same as the 1968 Ford 302 and 10 more than the 1968 Chevy 307.

    Jeff McCreaJeff McCrea23 dager siden
  • The first internal combustion engine was invented in England in 1831.

    Schrödinger's GaffneySchrödinger's Gaffney23 dager siden
  • - most of it get deserved place - does not working _ peoples does not like not trustfully engines _ peoples like engines whom does not need maintenance never - two tact diesel - opposite piston diesel - is the technology for life time

    plan jeplan je23 dager siden
  • I stopped watching when I heard porsh. .😳......what is a "PORSH" ?? If you can't pronounce it correctly then don't talk about it.

    Neal HeadNeal Head25 dager siden
  • This channel is like other "mass production" channels. they steal videos and slap together some GARBAGE content. At least credit the people you stole from you hacks.

    ShadowsFormerShadowsFormer25 dager siden
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    Sam GoldSam Gold26 dager siden
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    Nathaniel PontinovitzNathaniel Pontinovitz29 dager siden
  • He's just putting random videos so he can keep talking lmao.

    Calvin WCalvin WMåned siden
  • You sound like the rubber

    Everything That existsEverything That existsMåned siden
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    elson ramoselson ramosMåned siden
  • "Knock knock Who's there? Leaded premium.

    Hal WeilbrennerHal Weilbrenner2 måneder siden
  • The first commercial internal combustion engine fitted to a vehicle was back in the early 1860s developed by a Belgian

    Tony DickersonTony Dickerson2 måneder siden
  • You forgot the Chrysler Turbine Car, Chrysler made a production model with actual jet engine. The engine produced 130 bhp (97 kW) at 36,000 rpm...

    Guds777Guds7772 måneder siden
  • The V in one block is invented by Lancia The V4.. Not for VW.. Learning, and then published..

    Miguel NascimentoMiguel Nascimento2 måneder siden
  • 8s in, and the first mistake - American George Brayton did *not* invent the first internal combustion engine in 1872. That would have been Robert Street who patented the first internal combustion engine in England in 1794. And built one at about that time. I figure if you can be that wrong that quickly, I'm not going to waste 13 minutes being given more false information. Goodbye.

    Anon NonaAnon Nona2 måneder siden
  • They dident stop developing the vr6 it went on to the w8,w10and w12 which is 2 vr6's

    vintage speedshopvintage speedshop2 måneder siden
  • American Invention 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alistair LawrieAlistair Lawrie2 måneder siden
  • The first commercially successful internal combustion engine was created by Étienne Lenoir around 1860[1] and the first modern internal combustion engine was created in 1876 by Nicolaus Otto (see Otto engine).

    Michael HartleyMichael Hartley2 måneder siden
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    Mad Max CyclesMad Max Cycles2 måneder siden
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    Pablo PunPablo Pun2 måneder siden
  • The engine in the infinity is just their ripoff of vtech haha bit slow infinity

    Corey The ChimneyCorey The Chimney2 måneder siden
  • Electric Cars: Powered by Coal.

    Helpful SysopsHelpful Sysops2 måneder siden
  • Another disadvantage of the rotary engine was how much oil it required. There was a LOT of potential friction inside the engine, which means it required a constant stream of oil. Since the engine was essentially one big chamber and part of it was repeatedly exposed to combustion, the oil was constantly being burned off. This meant even more oil had to be used to prevent friction from essentially destroying the engine.

    foxymetroidfoxymetroid2 måneder siden
  • Porsche is pronounced Porscheh (remember the last e !)

    Robert WieländerRobert Wieländer3 måneder siden
  • I must be a gear head because I really like cars a lot

    foxy foxfoxy fox3 måneder siden
    • That doesn’t make you gear head immediently but...

      RL - Epeli00RL - Epeli003 måneder siden
  • In 1807, French engineers Nicéphore (who went on to invent photography) and Claude Niépce ran a prototype internal combustion engine, using controlled dust explosions, the Pyréolophore. This engine powered a boat on the Saône river, France. The same year, the Swiss engineer François Isaac de Rivaz built and patented a hydrogen and oxygen powered internal-combustion engine. The fuel was stored in a balloon and the spark was electrically ignited by a hand-operated trigger. Fitted to a crude four-wheeled wagon, François Isaac de Rivaz first drove it 100 meters in 1813, thus making history as the first car-like vehicle known to have been powered by an internal-combustion engine. In 1823, Samuel Brown patented the first internal combustion engine to be applied industrially in the U.S., one of his engines pumped water on the Croydon Canal from 1830 to 1836. He also demonstrated a boat using his engine on the Thames in 1827, and an engine-driven carriage in 1828. Father Eugenio Barsanti, an Italian engineer, together with Felice Matteucci of Florence invented the first real internal combustion engine in 1853. Their patent request was granted in London on June 12, 1854, and published in London's Morning Journal under the title "Specification of Eugene Barsanti and Felix Matteucci, Obtaining Motive Power by the Explosion of Gasses". In 1860, Belgian Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir produced a gas-fired internal combustion engine. In 1864, Nicolaus Otto patented the first atmospheric gas engine. In 1872, American George Brayton invented the first commercial liquid-fueled internal combustion engine. In 1876, Nicolaus Otto, working with Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, patented the compressed charge, four-stroke cycle engine.

    Marc LatourMarc Latour3 måneder siden
  • All good cars ruined by the green🟩scam also if you want a fuel efficient reliable car buy a Toyota Corolla or Prius you don’t need all of this other crap that saves fuel it’s unreliable and cost you more money in the long run get a simple car that is easy to maintain made in Japan and simple

    Moto ChaosMoto Chaos3 måneder siden
  • What an absolutely trash channel. 🤣

    Sunny JimSunny Jim3 måneder siden
  • The invention of the first internal combustion engine was invented by an American!!?? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Sunny JimSunny Jim3 måneder siden
  • I lost my braincells watching this

    BannifyBannify3 måneder siden
  • The VR6 is still made. The 3.6 in the Atlas is a VR6. Also, why are you showing Beetle production? Lame.

    Paul WilsonPaul Wilson3 måneder siden
  • John Barber invented the first internal 1791 not the chap man quoted my the narrator

    stephen connollystephen connolly3 måneder siden
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    Edythe VictorEdythe Victor4 måneder siden
  • What can you say about this engine? Thank you/ @5nwo @UENw @

    Vlad shapovalVlad shapoval4 måneder siden
  • What can you say about this engine? Thank you. @5nwo @UENw @

    Vlad shapovalVlad shapoval4 måneder siden
  • 7 commercials in 13 minutes? Damn.

    Chad HeltonChad Helton4 måneder siden
  • In 1978/79 I invented a magnetically driven engine, and also came up with a way of converting any gas or diesel engine into a magnetically driven engine. However, as it was deemed as a disruptive tech I was not allowed to bring this into production. In 1970 my brother invented a carburetor that allowed you to run a gas engine with 65% to 85% water. This was also classified as a disruptive tech and not allowed. I come from a long line of inventors as my Dad and his brothers invented the first fluid gas welding torch along with several other successful welding torches. They had several successful businesses and a few failures along the way. They even got into the movie-making business just when the so-called talkies came into being. The day of the freedom to invent and bring about meaningful change seemed to come to an end sometime during the 1950s I think, as it was about that time that laws were passed to protect the major industries and to stop people like my self from ever bring about any inventions that would help us as long as they were not classified as disruptive to our major industries. Which is in my opinion just as bad as when they made insurance mandatory for everyone and allowed them to regulate the industry. Which in my opinion is as bad as when the governments stopped governing things and allowed most industries to govern themselves, and police to police themselves. We all know just how great that has turned out for us. We are all slaves to the system, and I do not know what it will take to ever turn it all around, but we must find a way or this world and everyone on it is doomed.

    MajorRomance - Mjr. Garry Matthews BS.MajorRomance - Mjr. Garry Matthews BS.4 måneder siden
  • There were two George Braytons the one who introduced the IC to America died long before 1872

    Andy PAndy P4 måneder siden
  • Porsche is pronounced Porsche-a

    Victor CharlieVictor Charlie4 måneder siden
  • i saw engines witch deserve to be on this list the rest is just common stuff

    Mr BeersMr Beers4 måneder siden
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    Electrogenic Enterprise - EEElectrogenic Enterprise - EE5 måneder siden
  • Utterly false, American did not invent the first engine. What a lot of old bollocks...

    Wotzat FaWotzat Fa5 måneder siden
  • Why do people always think that CARS make the most pollution on earth? Heating up your home with wood and trash is 5 times worse. And it is still NOT illegal here. And I also would not worry about how many fuel we use.

    Andras SzaboAndras Szabo5 måneder siden
  • You sure is an american in the 1870s and not an engineer from belgium in the late 1850s??!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Andy ChanAndy Chan5 måneder siden
  • I want to drive that infinity with variable compression

    Margaret PhillipsMargaret Phillips5 måneder siden
  • The German car's name is NOT Porsh but Porsche - with an ë (as in Equador).

    Sven LimaSven Lima5 måneder siden
  • your story is so fucked up ..idiot get the facts right. NSU...

    Uli HanelUli Hanel5 måneder siden
  • I'am definitely a gearhead

    foxy foxfoxy fox5 måneder siden
  • Exhaust, I'm so done with it. Hold the ICE please.

    Iz markIz mark6 måneder siden
  • MAD LAB, George Brayton may have DESIGNED the first COMMERCIAL, LIQUID fueled internal combustion engine but certainly didn't invent the first internal combustion engine, stop claiming America invented everything

    cannis soliscannis solis6 måneder siden
  • Another yank attempting to change history - dumbass!!

    Mark RobsonMark Robson6 måneder siden
  • As soon as I heard the boast about a Yank inventing the first 4-stroke gas engine, it was Piss off, Noddy.

    Colin GantiglewColin Gantiglew6 måneder siden
  • higher compression does not lead to rise of co2 emissions lower compression does in 5:47 and also higher compression ratio are more efficient. pls correct that.

    ASTRØASTRØ6 måneder siden
  • it's pronounced (Por shaa) Porsche

    Terence McBrideTerence McBride6 måneder siden
  • Did you know that false advertisement is actually a crime in many countries?

    Phaedric AlarenPhaedric Alaren6 måneder siden
  • These fkn adds are getting ridiculous

    Motorola Moto EMotorola Moto E6 måneder siden
  • No other word but beautiful...

    i have seen thingsi have seen things6 måneder siden
  • The internal combustion engine wasn't invented by an American, and it wasn't invented in 1872!...It was invented by a Frenchman called Étienne Lenoir in 1860...

    Alf BAlf B7 måneder siden
  • 1:05 how does a “R” mean the cylinders are inline?

    65427654277 måneder siden
    • R for the german word

      InariusInarius5 måneder siden
  • 1:52 Jessy pinkmen car

    M Talha KhalidM Talha Khalid7 måneder siden
  • 😂 He said “Sliding seals”. *Damn they good* They solved the ultimate problem. Considering valves haven’t changed much since the internal combustion engine, they make that last example out to be 😎but it’s a joke. To u just quotes specs and my 2002 gaxr-600 almost has more torque than that 5 cylinder blob. My bike has been using things like cams and valves for 18 years. It has like a 13:1 maybe 14:1 compression ratio and red lines at about 14,000 RMP So yeah I’m skeptical to that last Engine you described. I’d love to see that model be ran at 5,000 RPM It just looks like it would be a goddamn nightmare to balance that engine. It’s a horrible design

    Joel LouzyJoel Louzy7 måneder siden
  • Opening cylinders doesn’t save much energy. The way the piston and connecting rod attach to the crank and the friction and energy lost in an engine that changes from V8 to V6 is *not feasible at all* Those two Pistons having to suddenly slow down and stop and then change directions twice, and not be given any Kinetic energy kinetic energy was a stupid idea to ever think that much energy could be conserved by taking the power of a V-8 to a V6 with two cylinders that are not working would use 10-20 times the amount of energy it would take to run air conditioner compressor? WTF were they thinking?

    Joel LouzyJoel Louzy7 måneder siden
  • George Brayton was NOT the inventor of the I.C.E, he merely adapted designs from nearly a century earlier!

    Ian RoscoeIan Roscoe7 måneder siden
  • George Brayton may have invented the first LIQUID fueled internal combustion engine in 1872, however Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir invented a gas fired internal combustion engine in 1860, so he was the first. Facts please. I'd argue that little really has changed in internal combustion engines since those first ones, they have refined and become more complex sure. But the changes are evolutionary, not revolutionary. They're basically still the same thing.

    Antisocial EngineeringAntisocial Engineering7 måneder siden
  • George Brayton didn't invent the IC engine. He made a type of IC engine and he is mostly known for the Brayton cycle, which from my understanding is now used in gas/jet turbines, but originally had a piston mechanism. Many people helped build the modern IC engine: Karl Benz, Thomas Mead, John Barber, John Stevens, François Isaac de Rivaz, Nicéphore Niépce and Claude Niépce, Samuel Brown, Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci, Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir, Nicolaus Otto, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, Robert Street, Felix Wankel, and Rudolf Diesel according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia also states that John Barber made a gas turbine in 1791, the earliest IC engine.

    LemonLimeLemonLime7 måneder siden
    • yes well the old yanks love to take credit for inventing stuff they didnt, and this guy is no exception, whenever i hear an american saying an american invented something i always think 'really mm have to check that one'.

      A CoderA Coder4 måneder siden
  • pretty surer the first internal combustion engine was not an american invention!!

    A CoderA Coder7 måneder siden
  • Hello everybody, I'm the Rubber, welcome to Mad Lab!

    Sans GamingSans Gaming8 måneder siden
  • George didn't invent the first ice . Look it up knobs

    Lance McLarenLance McLaren8 måneder siden
  • First crude electric car was built before/close to 1835... electric cars were available in the us before 1900.. about 1890...and they are still overpriced 130yrs later... model t price practically killed the enthusiasm for them...the intentional great depression did not help the EV either...fake wars made everything cheap and excess supply... so after everyone bought internal combustion cars for cheap...now fake environmental impact of carbon emissions and regulations have made the internal combustion engine more expensive... fake news by oil industry has made people not wanting gas vehicles... demand for ev is getting higher every day and high demand = high cost... even electric bikes are getting rediculously expensive... america

    METO UMETO U8 måneder siden
  • @11:44 The Duke engine uses the same technology used in the original automotive air conditioning compressors, just switched around from a pump to and engine.

    Guy OrsiniGuy Orsini8 måneder siden
  • George Bradwemn did not invent the first internal combustion engine. Wilhelm Benz invented it first. Get you history correct.

    mrgcavmrgcav8 måneder siden
  • I just cant believe any of these ran I have drawn some of these engines and I am shocked they didn't just explode that is just a miracle for get efficiency when in these designs you will get nothing for lol. I guess the Germans got there top secret engine prototype back even though its a design I came up with out of the blue and it really is sonar jamming tech that a is berried under the sands of Egypt.

    shawnmccorishawnmccori8 måneder siden
  • Pizdabol

    Borat KazakhstanBorat Kazakhstan8 måneder siden
  • ขอให้หายใวๆครับคอยติดตามผลงานอยู่

    bomb34485bomb344858 måneder siden
  • Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci (Italy) invented the first ICE in 1854!

    Enrico GussoniEnrico Gussoni8 måneder siden
  • you forgot that the ten commandments were given by an american god and of course galileo galilei was an italian american and the third planet from the sun is named america!!!

    Venkatesh KsVenkatesh Ks8 måneder siden
  • 좋은 영상 감사합니다

    황호진황호진8 måneder siden
  • Whoop!!!

    john beachjohn beach8 måneder siden
  • what's the tittle of that movies were you mentioned the CADILLAC?..thanks

    Jason BuisonJason Buison9 måneder siden
  • Porsche is a two-sylable name that is pronounced roughly as por-sha, with the r being very soft. This is not opinion, but is a fact because it is a family name and shouldn't be butchered as so many people do. Please, let's show some respect for the good doctor and his family, yes, or yes?

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname9 måneder siden
  • You missed 2 of the vr6 engines the 2.9 fitted to the Corrado in Europe and the 3.6 r36

    vintage speedshopvintage speedshop9 måneder siden
  • Teslas are actually improving their battery's, like ther 500+ miles roadster v2 motor. Just gotta say, HUGR Tesla fan lmao

    OakleyOakley9 måneder siden
  • Brayton was not the inventor of the IC engine...In 1794 Robert Street patented an internal-combustion engine, which was also the first to use the liquid fuel (petroleum) and built an engine around that time.

    SuperAncientmarinerSuperAncientmariner9 måneder siden
  • Did he say v5

    Cody RomeroCody Romero9 måneder siden
  • An American was not the first person to invent the internal combustion engine!

    David HandleyDavid Handley9 måneder siden