10 Loans That Need To Be Cancelled!

25. feb.. 2021
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Welcome back to Football Daily, where we are looking at 10 Loans That Need To Be Cancelled. Some are having shockers abroad, while some would be better served back at their parent club!
We look at the struggles of Leicester City winger Cengiz Ünder, before looking at the steady decline of West Ham United winger Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian has been a flop with FC Porto, along with Chelsea defender Malang Sarr who has also struggled for gametime with the Portuguese giants.
We also look at Shane Duffy’s nightmare spell with Celtic, explore why Andreas Perreira is suffering at Lazio, and see why Real Madrid might regret letting Borja Mayoral go.
Finally we examine the next torrid chapter in the career of Liverpool keeper Loris Karius, and see why Arsenal might be fuming with Atlético Madrid over their treatment of Lucas Torreira!

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  • Have we missed any loans out? If we get 10 belters, we'll make a part 2! [Hamill]

    Football DailyFootball DailyMåned siden
    • Bakayoko

      Me NiceMe Nice24 dager siden
    • @CORE FUTBOL TV why?

      Motivational LizardMotivational LizardMåned siden
    • Guendouzi

      Hekka 101Hekka 101Måned siden
    • Douglas costa

      Haitham BidouHaitham BidouMåned siden
    • Domingos quina is thriving at Granada when Watford lack a creative midfielder after selling capoue

      Thelodgester08Thelodgester08Måned siden
  • Bakayoko :/

    Me NiceMe Nice24 dager siden
  • It sickens me that Cengiz doesn't get regular chances. He's an incredible player and they favour Barnes and Albrighton. He gets unnecessary criticism and it's a bunch of bs

    Samuel MasonSamuel Mason27 dager siden
  • Final jury verdict is Duffy has been Rangers' signing of the season WATP

    Alistair PattersonAlistair PattersonMåned siden
  • I love pat but he tries so hard to sound authentic with his pronunciations and they’re so innacurate 😭

    Riley OconnorRiley OconnorMåned siden
  • Take Sarr back to Chelsea . The guy fucks his own defense all game

    João VazJoão VazMåned siden
  • ur photos n player names are not in sync

    roshanheartroshanheartMåned siden
  • Sarr and Felipe Anderson are actually ass. Sarr did good To first but after later on, he just does mistakes after mistakes. While Anderson never performed well from the first place here, and even lost the ball and costed us a match. If I recall he only did good once In a match but other than that, both are ass. So don't be blaming us at Porto for being loaned players that are shit and expecting us to fix their mistakes.

    ᴇ.ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴅ.Måned siden
  • Angeliño deserves a spot

    Lil jon WiccLil jon WiccMåned siden
  • The jury is not out on Duffy, the jury is firmly decided he’s been one of our worst signings in the clubs history, not entirely down to him tho

    Rc PlaysRc PlaysMåned siden
    • He has been awful since his arrival at Celtic and I genuinely feel sorry for the guy, you can see he's been having a tough time. It's as if he's trying too hard and making rash challenges and stupid mistakes that have cost Celtic points. Don't think I've ever had genuine sympathy for any Celtic player before him tbh

      Lawless GeckoLawless GeckoMåned siden
  • anyway of cancelling managers 🤔

    Devil red 7Devil red 7Måned siden
  • Ha Duffy needed to be in there.

    allthewineallthewineMåned siden
  • Torreira is trash

    JBJBMåned siden
  • Felipe Anderson doesnt give afford when he plays, so Sergio Conceiçao can give him that many chances because Porto has another good players for the position.

    DiogohjDiogohjMåned siden
  • Turkish players are always overrated Come at me turkey

    martim costamartim costaMåned siden
  • Carlos Vinicus at Tottenham barely plays was top goal scorer last year in Portugal and Benfica who sent him out need a goal scorer. I know he won’t displace Kane but this should be canceled

    Glenn GomesGlenn GomesMåned siden
  • specific players

    doliio volaydoliio volayMåned siden
  • TL;DW, don't send anyone on loan to porto

    BeadyBeadyMåned siden
  • As a Forest fan: Rafa Mir leading the line for Wolves is an absolutely horrible shout. Genuinely couldn’t hit a barn door for us in 2019 and only 6 goals isn’t top 6 aspiration level.

    Taison5Taison5Måned siden
    • Vitinha has been awful for wolves and Ait nori has aswell

      doliio volaydoliio volayMåned siden
  • lol as a liverpool fan im perfectly content with karius rotting at whatever club hes on loan at until his contract with us expires

    Brady KucharskiBrady KucharskiMåned siden
  • Lol under is foxes key

    Efehan YurttasEfehan YurttasMåned siden
  • Oonder. More like under

    sammië rosexx3sammië rosexx3Måned siden
  • As a united fan. Lazio can keep him

    The Big QuackThe Big QuackMåned siden
  • all chelsea do is sign young stars then kill them on loan

    H NawazH NawazMåned siden
  • I think you might have overlooked it, but Bale's loan should be cancelled, he's playing really well.

    Peaceoo8Peaceoo8Måned siden
  • I feel so bad for Karius. It is not easy to get over ruining the biggest moment of your career.

    Innocent O.Innocent O.Måned siden
  • The jury is out on Duffy 😂😂 are you on drugs, best signing of the season WATP 🇬🇧

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaMåned siden
  • If Andreas Perrera's name was Tom Jones from England he'd be on the bench for Fleetwood Town.

    Marty Schwartz HereMarty Schwartz HereMåned siden
  • Do this for championship clubs

    Thelodgester08Thelodgester08Måned siden
    • I haven’t seen this yet but I’m assuming Shane Duffy is on this list

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaMåned siden
  • Perreira is no 4

    kory greykory greyMåned siden
  • Torreira could shine next to a strong midfielder in Partey

    Who is In Paris?Who is In Paris?Måned siden
  • Players should now know that going to Porto to play under Sergio Conceicao probably means you won’t play much. He’s the type of manager that when he’s decided his 11 it won’t change much throughout the whole season. He likes certain types of players. They don’t have to be the best or the most gifted but he will stick pretty much only to those specific players

    Jorge AndradeJorge AndradeMåned siden
  • Harvey Elliot Is a shout guys bossing it and only 17/18

    Dylan GrahamDylan GrahamMåned siden
  • I still gotta thank inter Milan for buying Young

    Amogelang MalulekaAmogelang MalulekaMåned siden
  • Andreas is shit.

    Aarsh DhamsaniaAarsh DhamsaniaMåned siden
  • into the first 11 like Jones has done. Just my opinion. HI HAMILL 👊🏻

    alida flusalida flusMåned siden
  • okay, that Champions League final were 90 of the most horrendous minutes of goalkeeping ever in the game of football, but I'm really sad at the fact that it will probably destroy the rest of Karius' career

    Sam NassiriSam NassiriMåned siden
    • Dimarco is one of the the oldest looking 23 year olds I've ever seen

      alida flusalida flusMåned siden
  • Number 1 should be pratto 😂

    Jop Van EijckJop Van EijckMåned siden
  • That new Roma kit looks beautiful. 😍

    SMM ProductionsSMM ProductionsMåned siden
  • Sometimes it’s not always the players fault.

    Lloyd GeorgeLloyd GeorgeMåned siden
    • Explain

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
  • nobody understands how bad duffy is, wish he was up to the standards we expected😣

    gioyu comigioyu comiMåned siden
  • Given the fact that there are 2 players loaned in at Porto and a reference to a 3rd one, I'm gonna give a brief rundown: - Felipe Anderson has shown glimpses of his Lazio years, but has been utterly disappointing and, if the system's working, you wouldn't change it - Sarr has been good as a CB, not as good as a LB, I actually like him, but given he isn't one of our players, he won't naturally get many chances, but he has been decent, so I think this is wrong - Grujic... I want him to stay. If you don't think he's good than let us keep him (though he needs to control his aggressiveness somewhat xD) Also, he's a meme machine, win-win

    José NogueiraJosé NogueiraMåned siden
    • Marcus Butternelli at Middlesbrough. THE worst keeper in the football leagues without a shadow of a doubt.

      gioyu comigioyu comiMåned siden
  • Ive read "lord karius " 🤣

    Edward WardEdward WardMåned siden
  • We need Federico Dimarco back ASAP

    Marco VerrattiMarco VerrattiMåned siden
  • Free my boy Cengiz Under

    BK CBK CMåned siden
  • As a Porto fan, I can say that Felipe Anderson didn't really lived up to the hype and I also thought that he would have his loan terminated in January. As for Sarr, I don't really agree with this. We don't have many defenders in the first team and normally Sarr is doing ok when playing. If he came to Porto not by loan, he would certainly play more and improve more. And remember: Mbemba came from a Newcastle side that went down to the Championship and then back up to the Premier League and he was a backup player, made few games in the first season with Porto (being a good backup option) and now he's one of our main defenders

    Jorge BalaiaJorge BalaiaMåned siden
  • Came here looking for Ceballos after last nights holler🙄

    Mark ImasikuMark ImasikuMåned siden
  • Unreal that Porto are neglecting their best player. Anderson should be starting every week

    Joshua VernegeJoshua VernegeMåned siden
    • @Icewallowcome 1 hardly and 1 bad season where everyone was awful until the end

      Joshua VernegeJoshua VernegeMåned siden
    • @Joshua Vernege hes played 7 overall games and when he does play he does ok. The others that play in the same position have been playing better so its only right to play them.

      thunder bunnythunder bunnyMåned siden
    • @thunder bunny he’s played 4 games you clown

      Joshua VernegeJoshua VernegeMåned siden
    • @Joshua Vernege he has been given chances but he doesn't do anything with them. He barely runs or attacks.

      thunder bunnythunder bunnyMåned siden
    • This is idiotic Felipe Anderson was ass at west ham

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
  • #1 my student loans

    Carlos Villalvazo PuentesCarlos Villalvazo PuentesMåned siden
  • Video Conclusion: Don't loan your players to Porto lol

    Corey BrooksCorey BrooksMåned siden
    • Sarr and Felipe Anderson are actually ass. Sarr did good To first but after later on, he just does mistakes after mistakes. While Anderson never performed well from the first place here, and even lost the ball and costed us a match. If I recall he only did good once In a match but other than that, both are ass. So don't be blaming us at Porto for being loaned players that are shit and expecting us to fix their mistakes.

      ᴇ.ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴅ.Måned siden
  • Thought Under was Maguire Edit: You read Under wrong. I am talking about Cengiz

  • Dimarco is one of the the oldest looking 23 year olds I've ever seen

    Traficante de HostiasTraficante de HostiasMåned siden
  • It’s amazing how bad players can be in England and then once they return to Spain they are goal scorer machines.. Iago Aspas anyone?

    tzs finesttzs finestMåned siden
    • @Toby Trundle no because leagues are different, some players can thrive in other leagues, while others can struggle in those leagues

      Chief Scout LemurChief Scout LemurMåned siden
    • Because it’s easier

      Toby TrundleToby TrundleMåned siden
  • Mayoral got buns😂

    Yassin AbdellatifYassin AbdellatifMåned siden
  • 5 ad breaks for a video that is less than 10 minutes = dislike and goodbye

    Joao CorreiaJoao CorreiaMåned siden
  • I wasn't sure the human Kartastrophe was. So, he's rotting on the Berlin bench now? Really a sad turn of events for him that all started with those deadly ninety minutes in Ukraine.

    steven cookesteven cookeMåned siden
  • Marcus Butternelli at Middlesbrough. THE worst keeper in the football leagues without a shadow of a doubt.

    www.CityandBeachBreaks.co.ukwww.CityandBeachBreaks.co.ukMåned siden
  • Felipe Anderson had chances but he does not apply himself, he does not run a lot and in Porto if you dont run you dont play.

    Pedro BarrosPedro BarrosMåned siden
  • I liked Rafa Mir, looked like he had potential even though his out put was nothing, glad he is doing well in Spain would rather he finish his loan spell keep getting minutes then let him come back and not activate the option to buy for jose

    kieren Hugheskieren HughesMåned siden
  • Where is florentino luis?

    Joao SantosJoao SantosMåned siden
  • Reinier from real is another one he doesnt play a role at Dortmund

    Lars CLars CMåned siden
  • Can't believe Renier Jesus wasn't included in this list

    Abel SetaghayanAbel SetaghayanMåned siden
  • Idk who made this but I think Marko Grujic should be recalled because we need the depth and the way injuries are going he may have a chance to play consistently and break into the first 11 like Jones has done. Just my opinion. HI HAMILL 👊🏻

    Levi MirzaLevi MirzaMåned siden
  • where is Lingard

    Siddhesh patelSiddhesh patelMåned siden
    • He’s been amazing at west ham

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
  • lmao decrepit, poor kolarov and young. over 30 and you're a rusty tool

    mreeveohmreeveohMåned siden
  • If Borja moved against Zidane's wishes, it's probably because he wants a starting berth at Real Madrid, which he isn't going to get at the moment, so he'll likely move on this summer by cutting his loan short or join Roma on a permanent basis - that would be an unsurprising move considering Roma's aging forward line. As for Torreira, I think you are exactly right with Atleti trying to devalue the player on purpose- Simeone is that petty (see: 1998 World Cup). I hope Arteta gives Torreira a chance next season.

    Timothy HargreavesTimothy HargreavesMåned siden
  • The jury is out on Duffy 😂😂 are you on drugs, best signing of the season WATP 🇬🇧

    kie cwaykie cwayMåned siden
  • I thought Torreira will be great at Atletico he looks like a Simeone player but it just didn't work for him there.

    Stan ToryStan ToryMåned siden
    • Same Lucas is one of my fav player but I think it cause of how stacked there midfield is

      Maurice BoydMaurice BoydMåned siden
  • A midfield pivot of Partey and Xhaka when they've played together looks well balanced..I highly doubt Arteta rates Torreira now anyways!

    Mujeeb AhmedMujeeb AhmedMåned siden
  • Moise Kean (cancelled in the good way obvs) with how thin Everton are up front

    Felix LewisFelix LewisMåned siden
    • PSG are 100% gonna buy kean when given the chance

      Ü • 123 years agoÜ • 123 years agoMåned siden
  • The hypocrisy of English fans is insane right now, remember when you told us Irish fans to stop complaining about grealish and rice using our country as almost an audition for England, we’ll kind of ironic now given the amount of abuse the young bayern Munich kid has gotten, I thought it didn’t matter lol?

    Andrew FaheyAndrew FaheyMåned siden
    • @BASED East African Warrior bait not based enough change your name you softie 😂

      Ciaran GrimesCiaran Grimes3 dager siden
    • Ireland is British land.

      BASED East African WarriorBASED East African WarriorMåned siden
    • Haven’t seen anyone complain tbh and I know I haven’t cause he in my opinion made the right decision and Grealish and Rice made the right decision

      Nonof YourbuisnessNonof YourbuisnessMåned siden
    • Abuse. It’ll all settle in a bit. No one knew who he was two weeks ago the hype will die down. This is coming from a nigerian btw

      Danny PhantomDanny PhantomMåned siden
    • What's that got to do with this video? Musiala (or "the Munich kid" as you put it) isn't even mentioned in this video. You've just posted a completely irrelevant comment because you have a chip on your shoulder.

      WOOOPdoctorFROGhereWOOOPdoctorFROGhereMåned siden
  • nobody understands how bad duffy is, wish he was up to the standards we expected😣

    James PollockJames PollockMåned siden
    • Hahahahaha Shane doofy secured 55

      Ryan LambertRyan LambertMåned siden
  • Reinier Jesus at Borussia Dortmund is a good shout too

    Aryaman ChauhanAryaman ChauhanMåned siden
  • Chris wrote this

    GhaziGhaziMåned siden
  • Jayden Braaf, a quality young winger with an eye for goal loaned to Udinese who don’t even play wingers

    Jamie-lee PriceJamie-lee PriceMåned siden
    • Just Because nvm just realised Deulofeu barely starts

      Offset’s faceOffset’s faceMåned siden
    • @Offset's face what, a winger/striker hybrid?

      Just BecauseJust BecauseMåned siden
    • Will they just play him in the deulofeu role?

      Offset’s faceOffset’s faceMåned siden
  • Real Madrid is one of the best team to produce great youth players, may be the 1st ranked club in that matter , but dont understand why they simply let them go 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂. Theo Hernandez, Achraf Hakimi, Diego Llorente, Dani Cabellos, Borja Mayoral etc. The list goes on increasing . Imagine having all of them in present team it will be Absolute untouchable team 😶😶

    Rithesh RaoRithesh RaoMåned siden
    • Most of those wanted or leave or weren’t good

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
    • @Vito Corleone Agree with everything you said in the comments. Brahim always performed well when he was played. Seriously, with all the young players that Madrid has neglected or is neglecting you could make a team that would be world class in a few years... Odegaard, Reguilón, Hakimi, Ceballos, Brahim, Llorente... now Valverde is being really poorly managed (played out of position, and barely being played at all), and Rodrygo is only played when Hazard is out. How players like Isco, Marcelo and Hazard are still being given starting roles in this team is atrocius. We kicked out almost all of our young talent and bench players now we're paying for it, with a squad in complete shambles in the midst of the season. Heck, even the players we still DO have like Mariano and Odriozola who could certainly contribute to the team are almost never played (which has completely fucked up their confidence and physical condition). Madrid needs a new manager and a new president, asap.

      RockLobsterRockLobsterMåned siden
    • @Rithesh Rao well - tbh - I can see why. I never understood why he got so little chances at Madrid - tell you what - I'd love for him to play at Madrid, I think he belongs there and should be played, but if after the loan ends the club/coach (Zidane propably will leave at the end of the season) still will play some deadwood like Hazard or Bale over him and he'll again get like 400 minutes a season, then I'd rather see him sign for Milan. The dude is a direct player with great close control and dribbling. He's what Hazard was supposed to be and the exact opposite of what Hazard is atm

      Vito CorleoneVito CorleoneMåned siden
    • @Vito Corleone I am Milan fan So I would love to see Milan sign Brahim if he likes to play for Milan again after this loan spell ends 😍

      Rithesh RaoRithesh RaoMåned siden
    • Theo is a bit different case - he got his chance, just was bad at Real. Tbh as a Madrid fan it pains me more to see Reguilon go. With Hakimi I agree - only issue with playing him was his defending in 4ATB system, but other than that he should've never been let go that easily. Borja had his chances, this is his first really good season in his senior carrer, Ceballos isn't rated by Zidane (for reason I do not understand, he's not on the level of Kroos or Modrić, but could be a rotational option easily, especially with his defensive output) and letting go of Marcos Llorente with Casemiro as the only other no6 was simply stupid. From the list that you mentioned Borja and Ceballos are only out on loans, so they still can come back to the club and same thing goes for other great loans - just take a look at Odegaard, Take Kubo or Brahim Diaz - as a Madrid fan I'd take any of those in the team over Eden McHazard any day of the week

      Vito CorleoneVito CorleoneMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/p5rdm7ewq7vcu8U.html

  • Diago Dalot back to Manchester United

    Rithesh RaoRithesh RaoMåned siden
    • He’s so average

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
  • Why haven't they done a champions league rondoup? Is it because Bernardo Silva played well. Just a few weeks ago, EFD (article by Pato (what a surprise btw)) said he was overrated...

    rocky1169ptrocky1169ptMåned siden
  • I read that Inter will make the buy back option for dimarco this summer

    Gian CassaGian CassaMåned siden
  • Atletico really playing a dick game by not giving Torreira the minutes as revenge for Partey.

    Sikandar ShahSikandar ShahMåned siden
    • Or because torreira isn’t good

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 1Måned siden
  • torreria should come back and be partey's back since hes injured a lot. would help xhaka thrive

  • @footballdaily: do you always write your own scripts ( e.g if joe makes a video has he also written the script or could it have been someone else from fd)? if not why?

    Nicolas MeyerNicolas MeyerMåned siden
    • Sometimes the person who writes the script is different to who presents it.

      Tom NylundTom NylundMåned siden
  • 0:36 Harvey Barnes....OOOOOOHHHH ITS AN EQUALIZER

    Cha BoiCha BoiMåned siden
    • We won’t be seeing any eqaulisers from him on 6 weeks

      Shalin TannaShalin TannaMåned siden
  • STREETS WONT FORGET: Someone in FD said Torreira was the Midfield signing of the summer.

    Milly MahinraMilly MahinraMåned siden
  • Most assists by goalkeepers

    Jenko 657Jenko 657Måned siden
    • E

      cjboiplays live!cjboiplays live!Måned siden
  • This video is saying "don't loan to Porto"

    Benjamin Tirone NunesBenjamin Tirone NunesMåned siden
    • Malang AND Felipe

      Aidan McHenryAidan McHenryMåned siden
  • I think karuis can stay 😂😂😂😂

    Son Heung-minSon Heung-minMåned siden
  • Mayoral is a reminder of Benzema to me 🤭,the way he plays . He is on loan btw

    Son Heung-minSon Heung-minMåned siden
    • Well no shit Sherlock

      cjboiplays live!cjboiplays live!Måned siden
  • As a West Ham fan, I want Felipe Anderson nowhere near our team. Would have been toxic for the current squad if he returned in January, so wait until he’s back in summer and get rid. Accept the money loss and move on (and please buy a striker). Likely a really good player in the right place, but with Moyes’ demands and the cohesion of this current squad, he’s done at West Ham.

    Hayden BoyceHayden BoyceMåned siden
    • @Hayden Boyce I think the problem is that he thinks he is a superstar. He should look at pepe or Casillas, they won everything with real Madrid but still came to Porto at an old age and gave everything they could on the pitch. He needs to go to a smaller team where he can have play time and be the main star cause he will never play for Porto or west ham with that attitude.

      IOFIsicknessIOFIsicknessMåned siden
    • @IOFIsickness it’s a shame for all parties involved, he just needs to find somewhere he wants to push on with. Away from both our clubs, it seems. Can’t be doing with players with a mentality that they’re bigger than the club or just aren’t willing to commit 100% to the cause.

      Hayden BoyceHayden BoyceMåned siden
    • Yeah but he will return cause he is doing nothing for porto, he has potential but shows zero will to play whe he enters the pitch. Hope we get rid of him and get someone who actually feels honored and happy to play for fcporto.

      IOFIsicknessIOFIsicknessMåned siden
  • Pereira will never return to Manchester United cause Fernandes and vdb play that possible

    Son Heung-minSon Heung-minMåned siden
  • Borja seems like a very promising player I hope he excels in his career.

    Altino UluliAltino UluliMåned siden
    • Would be bitter if Madrid do the same mistakes as they did to Hakimi, Theo, Marcos Llorente, and Reguilon.. Hopefully Mayoral and Odegaard won't have same fate..

      irvanCrocsirvanCrocsMåned siden
  • Scott Carson,Gareth Bale

    Nathan IkiekandeNathan IkiekandeMåned siden
  • I'm assuming Hamill wrote this and took the opportunity to include a Celtic player in it

    Matthew DownwardMatthew DownwardMåned siden
    • @Hoggie Gaming was not aware of that, poor guy

      Thomas LaidlowmooreThomas LaidlowmooreMåned siden
    • Tbf Duffys dad died at the start of his time at Celtic and it’s still clearly affecting him since he start well at Celtic

      Hoggie GamingHoggie GamingMåned siden
    • That and the fact Duffy has been utter shite

      Kieran WardKieran WardMåned siden
    • Tbf Duffy has been seen as so spectacularly bad that he might have been in it anyway

      Thomas LaidlowmooreThomas LaidlowmooreMåned siden
    • @Camz Dadon that’s crazy I grew up in Charnwood so me and Hamill neighbors

      Tas BhuTas BhuMåned siden
  • What kinda of idiot signs for Chelsea when they’re still developing? they literally ruined the careers of over a hundred exciting prospects.

    Randy MarshRandy MarshMåned siden
    • i think that chelsea signed Sarr on free only to sell him later for little fee, thats how the club often does

      Eero NiemeläEero NiemeläMåned siden
  • Gareth bale is actually improving at spurs

    kids Erivonakids ErivonaMåned siden
  • Basically don’t loan anyone to Porto is what we’ve learned

    Joel MetcalfeJoel MetcalfeMåned siden
    • Sarr and Felipe Anderson are actually ass. Sarr did good To first but after later on, he just does mistakes after mistakes. While Anderson never performed well from the first place here, and even lost the ball and costed us a match. If I recall he only did good once In a match but other than that, both are ass. So don't be blaming us at Porto for being loaned players that are shit and expecting us to fix their mistakes.

      ᴇ.ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴅ.Måned siden
    • @Luís Silva that is stretching it

      Blues 2012Blues 2012Måned siden
    • Porto is better than Arsenal for example , people think that a player coming to the portuguese league , he must play , but our team is world class

      Luís SilvaLuís SilvaMåned siden
    • Casemiro did good on his loan to Porto

      Jez OrozcoJez OrozcoMåned siden
    • @Dhruv S Sarr was playing good at nice

      Blues 2012Blues 2012Måned siden
  • Who ever is reading this God bless you

    lunvtic Vxrtlunvtic VxrtMåned siden
    • #christianforever my bro

      John StewJohn StewMåned siden
  • Lazio can keep Andreas Pereria 😂

    JakeJakeMåned siden
    • @Eye0FEagle Nah they can keep him

      The Big QuackThe Big QuackMåned siden
    • too good for United

      Gandhi has Denounced youGandhi has Denounced youMåned siden
    • @Swapnava DeY shit really. He needs to play in China or in brazil, he's finished

      The Footy ManThe Footy ManMåned siden
    • @The Footy Man yh for only 1 match

      Swapnava DeYSwapnava DeYMåned siden
    • And MAN UTD can take Dalot back😉

      Eye0FEagleEye0FEagleMåned siden
  • But wasnt AC Milan interested in buying Dalot for a permanent basis??

    Sooraj G BSooraj G BMåned siden